Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Free With PS3 Ground Zeroes Pre-Orders Through PS Store

Sony has announced a new pre-order incentive for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes for the PlayStation 3 by offering a free copy of digital copy of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD. This offer is live from today and will last until the 20th of March, which is next Thursday. The reason for this is to give players the chance to learn more about Big Boss, some the mechanics like the Mother Base which is present in Ground Zeroes, and learning about the story leading up to the new MGS title.


It’s one of the better pre-order bonuses I’ve seen presented and could be worth it if you’re considering buying Ground Zeroes on PS3.  I’ve checked the store and the deal isn’t there yet, likely to be part of the store update later. It should be good value though considering Peace Walker HD by itself currently costs £11.99.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Good offer. Unfortunately there is little trust that the offer will be upheld due to the sheer unreliability of the EU store team and Blog Staff. Maybe they should feature an extra small print saying a call to customer services ‘may’ be required.

    • That is rather harsh and rather unfair.

      • Yeah it is harshly put, but nevertheless true. Pre-orders have been messed up different ways before on PS Store. I don’t want to risk (and there is a high risk) requiring a call to customer services to sort a problem out as that just adds to the cost. Don’t think it is unfair of me to say that. Trust is earned.

  2. Bummer. Just bought MGS3 HD last week.

    • Snake eater ain’t peace walker so no need to be bummed :)

      • Indeed. I’d also consider MGS3 HD to be an important story for fully understanding Peace Walker, so it all fits nicely together. That and MGS3 = best story ever in gaming.

  3. Definitely makes Ground Zeroes more appealing as Peace Walker has a lot of gameplay, I put in over 100 hours on the PSP and still didn’t finish everything. I already have PS3 MGS HD Collection and Peace Walker on UMD, so would only be tempted by this if it was a digital copy for the Vita. Oh well, cant have everything.

  4. Brilliant offer, shame it’s not the PSP version too, then Youles could play it on his Vita ;) For anyone who has preordere Groubd Zeroes and hasn’t played Peace Walker: you should!

    • Damn, I’d thought I’d got away with it again. :p

      I wish it was on Vita as I’d definitely play it, I just have so many more “nearly finished” PS3 games which therefore come before Peace Walker in terms of getting through the backlog faster. One day though. One day. ;)

      • Hope you know I’m only messing :) Not gonna stop though, hah. Did you get those thumbstick things? I kept ones that look like the 360 controller sticks, they work brilliantly, I’m pretty sure my aim has actually improved.

  5. Solid deal!

    This makes the choice between digital on PS3 or PS4 a bit harder…

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