Three Vita Games Announced For Japan Featuring A Firefly, A Destroyer & Tarnished Wings

Some more games have been announced for the Vita, one of which is an action game, another a visual novel, and an RPG. Their titles are Firefly’s Diary, Eustia Of The Tarnished Wings: Angel’s Blessing Flying, and Destroyer Trillion, which will be developed by Nippon Ichi, Dramatic Create and Compile Heart respectively. There’s also a link between Firefly’s Diary and Destroyer Trillion in that both will likely share some similarities to the Disgaea games, as the character designer of that series will work on Firefly, while Disgaea 4’s director will be heading Destroyer Trillion.

Firefly’s Diary will have players control a firefly who has to guide a young girl called Mion through a shadowy world. Enemies lurk in the shadows and since you can’t fight them you’ll have to avoid the shadows, and the traps or meet failure. There will also be controllable Shadow Fireflies which will be used to navigate puzzles. Sounds like quite an interesting little game that has some potential, and a unique protagonist.


Eustia Of The Tarnished Wings: Angel’s Blessing  will be a port of the PC title which released in , and is the visual novel title which follows the story of a city, Novus Aether, split in two due to it literally breaking apart. During this story the characters learn about the events that have occurred due to the split and the problems that have arose. Finally the RPG Destroyer Trillion is about a boy who must challenge the antagonist, who shares the name of the title, and stop the destruction. Not much else is known about the title other than that.

None of these games have been confirmed for a Western release but are releasing in Japan this year.

Source: Siliconera/2/3


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  1. Two of those might just stand a chance of a Western release. Nippon Ichi and Compile Heart both have a history of bringing us weird and obscure Japanese titles with realistic expectations of how many copies they’ll sell.

    Give them a year or 2 and we might just get them. We need more weird Japanese stuff from those people. Possibly with odd exploding blue penguin things and excessive use of the word “dood”.

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