Late March Sees Hannibal Waging Total War In Rome II

Total War: Rome II didn’t quite live up to the expectations of long term fans of the series, making bold changes to the overall gameplay but disappointing many in the process. However, Creative Assembly remain committed to the game and are poised to bring more content and improvements.

Speaking to those disappointed, Creative Director Mike Simpson wrote, “Rome II was hugely ambitious for our studio. We do regret that some reviewers and core fans didn’t get everything they wanted from it. We are committed to improving and adding to the game over the coming months; we very much want Rome II to be remembered as one of our best.”


Part of this is the announcement of the Hannibal at the Gates campaign DLC and its release on March 27th, as revealed alongside this trailer:

Interestingly, Hannibal’s invasion of Italy during the Second Punic War was featured in a trailer during the run up to the release of the main game, to highlight the many possible routes that he could have taken. While the main game featured a huge, sprawling map, this expansion pack will add a smaller campaign map focussed on the Mediterranean and the war between Roman Republic and Carthage, in the same way that the Caesar in Gaul pack zoomed in on France for the Gallic Wars.

Rome and Carthage will see a new tech tree added, based around diplomacy, while the Syracuse, the Arevaci and the Lusitani will also be playable factions in both this new campaign and the main game.

There’s also a smattering of new units and a pair of new historical battles to test your mettle.

Via Sega Blog