WeView Verdict: Batman: Arkham Origins

The Arkham series has been immensely popular since it burst onto the scene in 2009, but with the third entry it was all change. It wasn’t Rocksteady in charge, but WB Montreal, and they decided to take us back in time to an earlier part of Batman’s career, but how did it stack up in the WeView opinion polls?

We only had a handful of responses this week, but everyone seemed to be in agreement. MadYetHatless said that “As someone who has played all three games in this series and enjoyed them so much as to complete the story modes to full completion (a very rare occurance for me), my outlook on this game is that it’s good. Not brilliant, not awful, just good.”


JR. similarly “expected this game to be a disaster the way people reacted to it but I didn’t think it was that bad. It’s been a while since I played the first two Arkham games but I’d say this is pretty much on the same level.”

The general consensus continued, with MrJaggySnake also adding that he “found the first few hours the most fun, as it was simply awesome taking down thugs who would stutter phrases like ‘What?! I thought he wasn’t supposed to be real!’ before you took them down.”

Unfortunately, the game did have issues, and mrfodder had some things to say about that particular matter:

I was very disappointed to hear that the studio was going to no fix game breaking bugs in favour of paid DLC. That is unsatisfactory even if I did no experience any.

None of the six commenters had major game breaking issues during the single player, there was a sprinkling but it was the multiplayer that was worst affected. Crazy_Del said, “The MP is a brilliant idea and I have enjoyed it when I do get a match. I spent so many hours in the waiting lobby just to get some multiplayer.”

Back to MrJaggySnake, who noted that the multiplayer was “let down due to bugs and poor matchmaking. Annoyingly, it isn’t that bad once you get into a match!”

Overall, Eldur‘s review was the most critical:

I’m a massive fan of both Batman and the Arkham series, but I was mildly disappointed in Arkham Origins. Whilst it was a solid, and occasionally beautiful game, the previously incredible combat seemed less fluid, due in part to some ill advised tweaks to the timings, and the story more bland. I did enjoy seeing some of the less well known members of Batman’s rogues gallery, although many of the boss fights were pretty straightforward in action.

That was basically it for Batman, a slightly deflated admission that it was good but not as good as Rocksteady’s work. It’s for this reason that there were three Bargain Bin votes, one torn between Bargain Bin and Rent, and just the solitary Buy It. (Eldur forgot to vote!)

Tomorrow, we’ll have a new game for you in the form of Battlefield 4. The competition between other entries was quite close, which means we’ll see Gran Turismo 6, Ratchet & Clank: Nexus and Splinter Cell: Blacklist return once again in this week’s poll, alongside Call of Duty: Ghosts.



  1. I’m so dumb.

    Just for completeness, I’d say BUY too. An average Arkham game, much like average sex and average pizza, are still pretty damn good.

    • Sometimes I think any form of sex is pretty damn good. Only sometimes though!

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