Stig Asmussen Departs Sony Santa Monica

This is probably not too surprising, given the recent layoffs at Sony Santa Monica and the rumoured cancelling of his latest project there. Still, it’s a shame to see one of the creative minds behind the God of War trilogy leave a company where he has enjoyed so much success.

Asmussen worked first as an environment artist on God of War and then art director on God of War II before being trusted as the creative director on God of War III. He didn’t work on God of War Ascension, instead reportedly focusing on an unnamed new IP that was allegedly halted with recent layoffs.


It’s not clear whether the split was a part of the recent layoffs, a reaction to them or a separate incident but IGN is reporting that he is interviewing at a number of studios. We would expect he’ll be snapped up fairly quickly.

Source: IGN



  1. Seems everyone is departing Sony first party studios, lead designer at sucker punch also left. Wonder what’s going on

    • Usually it’s the natural ebb & flow of employees. One of my clients has very good retention (averaging ten years) in an industry not known for it. So as much as there’ll be “aww… he’s leaving” you usually find that they’re moving into exciting new projects and there’s new blood joining the previous company anyway. Well, unless there’s lay-offs. That’s quite different! :-)

      • I seem to recall you saying a long time ago you worked as a graphic designer for the adult industry?

  2. “rats deserting a sinking ship”
    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    • 720 rats? Or did they just about squeeze 792 onboard?
      I couldn’t resist either, gotta love sarcasm winding up the fanboys hey :-)
      Are you Starman on LIVE too? I have very few TSA members on my XB1 :-/

      • It was a joke, reference to Ted Bakers daft comment yesterday.

        No that’s not my gt.

  3. He’s off to work for the neogaf console company

  4. Many a leaving at the start of a new gen. Change is good i suppose, with the exception of J Tretton, Sony should have done a Rooney and offered him 300k per week.
    Yet to complete a God of War, but what I have played I’ve enjoyed.

  5. He’s probably not too chuffed about having his project axed.

  6. is he good at driving? I bet he’s another of Stigs many cousins.

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