Meet Frau Engel In A New Video From Wolfenstein: The New Order

It might be bombastic, over the top shooter action on the surface, but peel back a layer or two of gunplay and there’s a lot more to Wolfenstein: The New Order.

As I wrote in my preview a little while back, it pays to be stealthy and you can often find secret paths to help you get the drop on your enemies, but there’s also a great sense of pacing which sees those action packed highs mixed with much creepier and disturbing moments.


If you’d like to keep everything a surprise, close this page now, but if you need a little more convincing, the latest gameplay video showcases the clever psychological mind games that The New Order revels in. Won’t you come and sit down with Frau Engel for a moment?

In a separate video Tommy Tordsson Björk, Narrative Designer at MachineGames, talks about how this is one of his proudest moments in the game, as a little peak behind the curtains to meet the key members of the development team.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is set for release in the EU on May 23rd, bringing the Doom 4 beta with it, as one of a handful of releases that’s going to make the final weeks of spring particularly busy for gamers.

There’s bound to be a soundtrack release too, which I’m quite looking forward to after the last few trailers.



  1. That’s definitely a cut above what i was expecting narrative-wise, from a Wolfenstein game. Now i’m interested.

  2. You meant ‘Ich sitz im Zug nach London’. ;o)

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