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New Trailer Shows Off PlayStation Exclusive Watch Dogs Content

Watch Dogs has already resurfaced a few weeks ago, giving us a launch date of May 27th and a new trailer to pour over and bicker as to how good or bad it looks in comparison to the original unveiling, but today sees more details on the PlayStation exclusive content.

PS3 and PS4 players will be able to grab the content via a “ULC code”, which I assume is just a code included in the game box. This will give you a series of four exclusive missions, which should add an extra 60 minutes of gameplay into the mix as well as a little more story, as revealed on the Ubisoft blog:

After Aiden gets tangled up with notorious hacker group DedSec, he’ll receive a message from some members who need his help. Aiden will take on the security network of Umeni Technologies and – using his brains and brawn – deliver payback for DedSec.

Completing those missions will earn you extra tech points as well as unlocking a White Hat Hacker outfit, which goes beyond just giving Aiden a white hat but a great big white coat too. I’m going to assume that it’s impossible to blend in or use stealth effectively while wearing this.

I’m also disappointed at the apparent lack of beanie hats in this game.

Source: Ubisoft


  1. I was on the verge of pre-ordering this until I read the last line of the post – No Beanie Hats – that’s ruined the whole game!!!

    • I know, right? I think I’m going to boycott this one.

    • Don’t fret, i predict beanie dlc will be available day one – they’d be fools not to!

      • Nowt up with beanie hats or Benny hats as most of us call em round my neck of the woods lol, I’m a bit of a collector of them actually hence why my infamous is one that comes with one,plus I’m a sucker for the bits an bobs an special/steel cases and general tat that comes with special and collectors editions,the fact its a beanie/Benny hat is actually a bonus for me lol ;D I just hope its not made up of 7500 triangles.

  2. Is it me or do the graphics look much better in this video than the previous trailer.

    • It dedicatory does to me too.
      Great I’ll definitely keep my preorder unless the reviews call it rubbish.

      • *Definitely

      • The one thing I’m watching out for (in relation to the graphics) that will for me make it a day one purchase, is the weather effects which was shown in the original reveal trailer with the trees swaying and dust/debris been swept up by the wind.

        When I first saw that in the reveal trailer it screamed next gen to me. I haven’t noticed it much in the latest videos but still hoping its there.

      • Rewatched the video and at the 16 sec mark you can see the weather effects on the surroundings, amazing looking.

        I wonder if this is PS4 footage? I know its a Playstation exclusive trailer but it would not urprise me in the least if the footage was ripped from a PC!

        *Sitting with fingers and toes crossed*

  3. Still interested. Hopes it’s as good as I imagine!

  4. Not looking bad at all.

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