Watch Us Play inFamous Second Son – Live From 1PM

Blink and you missed it. We streamed for about 90 minutes at lunchtime today and want to say thanks to those who turned up to watch, ask questions and generally gad about in the chat.

Unfortunately, there’s no good way to preserve those streams on the PS4 at the moment, so the stream has been lost to the aether for all time. This is something that will be improved with firmware 1.7, but until that is released you’ll just have to try and tune in to our streams live if you can.

Chances are, you’ve still got a few hours of work to do before you can get home and spend the weekend with Delsin and his powers as you take on Seattle. Since you’ve probably finished all of your work by now and are instead whittling the last few hours away by browsing the internet, perhaps even reading our Second Son review.


So, why not watch us spend some time with Delsin and his powers, taking on Seattle? We’ll only be doing free roam from midway through the game, which means no story mode and a completely spoiler free steam where we can show you taking on D.U.P. mobile command units and civilians alike with our newly-gained neon powers. It’s an evil playthrough.

We’ll be starting at 1PM GMT, which is just half an hour from now. We’ll play until we get bored (or you get bored) which should probably be around an hour.

Let us know in the comments what you’d like to see from the stream. You can watch it below or over on our channel.



  1. Sorry, too busy playing the game myself.

  2. I’ll resist the temptation to watch .. my copy of the game is burning a hole in my coat pocket while i wait to finish work!

  3. My bastard copy didn’t arrive. Hopefully tomorrow!

    • Apparently I signed for my copy yesterday afternoon less than 2 hours after dispatch. Still no sign of it today.

  4. I’m resisting the temptation to watch I’m afraid.

    My Amazon order has been sent by the horrific Amazon Logistics (which unfortunately means that I’ll probably be being “served” by them regularly) right after I renew Prime membership as well :/ makes the subscription almost pointless.

    Anyway, I’ll probably give in and watch around half 2 if it’s not here by then.

    • I hate amazon logistics they can never find my house, unfortunately everything seems to come via them now even items that fit through the letter box and previously came via Royal Mail.

      • Yep, unfortuantely as soon as you start getting stuff delivered by them it generally means they will be your primary deliverer – it usually means they’ve opened up a smaller, regional warehouse near you and want to save money by overloading Dave from down the pub’s van, and paying him minimum wage to work a ridiculous shift. This of course means the drivers have higher rates of failed and erroneous deliveries.

        I’ll be cancelling Prime if they keep using them for me.

  5. Watched it and enjoyed it. Even with Twitch’s nasty compression and resolution, it’s so easy to see that Second Son is a real looker. Thanks for humouring us, Blair.

  6. been playing for about half an hour so far..
    and i have to say its a little bit special..
    the attention to detail is off the chart.
    a few minor bugs like the transition from movie to game play is sometimes a bit obvious and some platforming is a bit sketchy..
    this is infamous through and through.
    not straying too far from its winning formula with added graphical goodness.
    top drawer stuff from sucker punch.
    but time will tell,i am getting this vibe from just 30 mins of play so must be good?

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