Mercenary Kings May Be The Plus Offering For PS4 In April

PlayStation Asia has updated its blog to include the offerings for  Plus in that region, and has listed Mercenary Kings as the next game to be available for the PS4. Due to how young the PS4 is and how comparatively to Vita and PS3 the library is this could also mean that Mercenary Kings will be coming to Plus for both Europe and North America. Up to this point the PS4 Plus offering for across regions has been the same.


The PS Vita and PS3 games for Europe and North America are likely to be different to what will be released in Asia, as the different territories generally offer different games each month. Of course we won’t know for sure that Mercenary Kings will be on Plus until the European and North American blogs go live with their offerings, but it’s more likely than not to be the case. The Plus update post now goes live a week before the update so expect the news tomorrow.

Source: PS Blog Asia via PSNStores



  1. I’m terrible at these contra sort of games. I’ll still give it a go though.

  2. I’m up for this. I’m not expecting any big games to be released for PS4 on PS+ until next year

  3. So hope this is true, I’ve wanted this game since it was announced, being a plus game would be mega.

  4. Good to see them utilizing the graphical prowess of the mighty PS4…

    • Innit. Prefer to spend the PS+ annual subscription on something like Infamous or Watch Dogs than have 12 ‘indie’ games like this. Can play these kind of games for free (or 69p max) on my iphone.

      • Wow. That’s all I can say.

        Completely and utterly wowed….

      • i’m with t20 on this. The only thing ive used my ps4 for recently is a burst of COD on the weekend. can’t see my ps4 getting any serious use until i transfer FF14 from my ps3.

      • I also agree. I’d rather have 1 ‘proper’ game a year, or something like Resogun quarterly rather than this or Don’t Starve etc. I guess this still hasn’t been confirmed so there’s still chance we could get something what looks remotely half decent..

  5. I’m not excited for it but it looks alright, like a cross between Rick Dangerous, Metal Slugs and erm ..Titanfall? ;)
    Anyway, DriveClub should be arriving in the next few months so that will be something to look forward to on Plus.

  6. Hmm, not really the soft of game i bought a PS4 for, thats for sure.

  7. That’s not even up to the standards of a PS1 game. I think they should hurry up with Knack at least…

  8. Nope, didn’t even make it through the video, so not at all my type of game.
    But I’m not overly worried, got enough to catch up with. And in April there’s DLC coming out, which I can’t really wait for… Outlast…! :o)

  9. How is this even on ps4? How do they allow something that looks that bad to release? You’d think at this stage Sony would want to keep standards high and only release games that belong on a ps4, games that make people want a ps4. Garbage.

  10. I think I’ve been very open about how positive I am about PS+ but my patience is waring thin with PS4 offerings. They’re nowhere near a standard I was expecting or even promised, Driveclub on release seems a distant memory.
    I know this sounds very down and I’m not taking what we do get for granted. Resogun is a gem and Outlast scared the shit out of me for an hour or too. But into the 7th month now, it’s getting to the time we need ssomething that matches the standard that makes PS+ on PS3

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