Sony Santa Monica Has Some Offerings To Celebrate God Of War: Ascension’s Anniversary

God Of War: Ascension is turning  one years old over the next week, and to celebrate Sony Santa Monica is offering players some freebies from April 2nd. It’s the developers way of showing thanks to the community who has been playing the game’s multiplayer consistently since it launched on March 13th 2013.

First off all weapons and armour DLC will be free to download for one week, so if you have the game or are thinking about getting the game, or think it might appear on Plus at some point then I strongly recommend adding all of that to your download list. You can also participate in a PlayStation forum thread to get The Marked One tattoo and a Santa Monica cape for your champion, though you must answer the question of, “If you were the God of War, what would be the very first thing you would do?”


After answering the question a voucher code to redeem the items will be sent to your email. Finally all XP Booster packs will be 50% off, and I assume will last for as long as the free DLC.

Source: PS Blog



  1. It’s great that they are trying to inject life back into the multiplayer. Kinda sucks if, like me, you went ahead and purchased a season pass though.

  2. Got the disc, tried to play it, would crash my PS3 every time I tried to get past the title screen. Tried plenty to get it working but no dice. Shame.

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