$100 Wolfenstein: The New Order Collector’s Edition Does Not Include The Game

Welcome to the “You couldn’t make it up” portion of today’s news and as you will have gathered from the headline, the Wolfenstein: The New Order Panzerhund Edition will feature lots of trinkets but no game.

Limited to 5,000 individually numbered sets the collector’s edition comes in a vintage footlocker-style box (measuring approximately 20″ x 10.5″ x 8.5″) with a stamped number plate and, ooh, exciting, an antiqued clasp!


Inside you will find all sorts of classified documents courtesy of Wolfenstein’s own version of Edward Snowden, 14 full-colour weathered-looking postcards (who leaves postcards out in the weather?), three embroidered patches and a box with some moulded replica dog tags.

Also included is an exclusive Steelbook which contains precisely zero game discs.

The star of the show is an 8″ articulated Panzerhund statue made from PVC and ABS and hand painted. The statue “strikes a surprisingly menacing pose”, apparently.


Source: Bethesda



  1. what the hell were they thinking? I’m a sucker for these collectable edition but to not include a game is quidiculous! Then they rub it in your face and give you an empty game case. Thats not on.

  2. The statue is pretty awesome, and makes it tempting, but not without the game.

    Also, I can’t be the only one that’s put off by the sheer size of these editions? I want the contents, but don’t have the space for the packaging, but also can’t bring myself to throw the packaging away!

    The Predator 3D box sits, empty, staring at me, mocking me for my weakness, it’s only a matter of time before the wife loses patience and makes me discard it :-(

  3. Game included and I may have gone for this.

  4. Lately i haven’t been enjoying games but i still want the CE so something like this is perfect for me. Wish there was an ES online version with just molag bal & the book as while i have ES online CE pre ordered, my laptop barely runs the game & i’ll probably won’t play it, yet i really want the extras :/.

    If this is around £50 i may get it.

    • You are prepared to pay £50 for a load of crap that doesn’t even include the game?? That’s mental as far as i am concerned!

      Each to their own & all that, but i wouldn’t shell out anything for stuff like this if it didn’t even include the game that its all in reference to!

      • Yeah lately i give zero ***** about gaming. I barely playing my PS3/3DS, not enjoying what i do play but i still want a collection & CEs are a part of that.

        It is mental but i rather have the extras than a game i may play for half an hour & never touch again but can’t sell thanks to it not having a barcode & having to be sold with the CE extras, though ebay is an option i suppose. I’m the idiot who bought the £100 borderlands 2 CE only to not bother with the game for a year & a half because i just couldn’t get into it :/.

  5. For years I have joked at special editions listing a copy of the game amongst the contents. A copy of the game is an absolute minimum you would expect. This is taking liberties.

  6. Pr disaster waiting to happen.

  7. “an ‘antiqued’ clasp”

    … So they just chucked a load of flour over it??

  8. Not even a download code?? Madness

  9. I’m guessing this “antique clasp” isn’t what I’m imagining.

    • Sounds like David Dickinson grabbing someone’s nads on the Real Deal!

  10. Surely selling the “Wolfenstein: The New Order Panzerhund Edition” without Wolfenstein: The New Order falls foul of the trade descriptions act. Even if not, this is definitely going to cause them more of a headache than it is worth.

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