Seth Killian Chose To Leave Sony Sony Santa Monica In December

There’s been quite a few big departures and layoffs at a few of Sony’s studios over the past few weeks, and one of the big ones is Seth Killian from Sony Santa Monica. He was part of the team that brought PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale due to his extensive fighting game knowledge. In a tweet Seth revealed that he actually made the decision to leave the developer in December, and did so amicably.

The tweet also mentions that he will be focusing on doing his own thing after seeing the kind of output indie devs are creating. In a follow up tweet Seth did mention that we’ll be able to see his Santa Monica work soon remarking that the studio has a “stellar” games line up. We’ll be keeping an eye on both what Santa Monica will be bringing to the table, and what Seth decides to do next in his career.

Source: Twitter



  1. Good luck to him. Shame he feels the need to explain things but the media seems intent on stirring up shit (from absolutely nothing) no matter what.

    {Insert employees name here} has left {insert game studio here}. Was he pushed? Bet he was. I’ve heard he never got on with {insert colleague here} and that {insert game here} will now suffer because of it.

    Ooo, I’ve written a new article for the games media! Yay!


    • Here here!

      I’ve always thought it was likely a matter of projects being finished and the new financial year approaching, teams are winding down.

      It has been massively overblown by the media though, all click bait more than anything.

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