A Slew Of Transfomers Games Leaks Out Including Transformers: Angry Birds Go!

The Australian Toy Fair has leaked information on a number of new Transformers games, including Transformers Movie 4, Transformers: Autobots Supreme, Transformers: Spirits Rising and Transformers Movie 5 for consoles.

Transformers Movie 4 is obviously Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, which has just been bestowed a new Optimus Prime, ahem, trailer.


I would guess that Transformers: Autobots Supreme and Transformers: Spirits Rising will be the Nintendo DS games to tie in with the movie but the mention of a Transformers 5 movie game before the end of 2015 is a little odd.

Also listed is Transformers: Angry Birds Go!, presumably a robots in disguise variation of the mobile karting game.

Source: TFW2005



  1. I honestly though that Transformers: Angry Birds, Go! was one of your wind-ups. That’s whoring the franchise just a touch too much, surely

    • A quick search in Amazon, filtered to toys only, reveals over 4,000 Transformers toys. I think the series is thinned out already and Angry Birds is not going to make a huge difference to the product’s integrity.

      • Mr Amphlett… were you in the same BF4 game as me last night or has someone else got your name?

  2. Angry Birds Transformers – Throw-birds-in-the-skies?

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