Vita Firmware Update 3.12 Is Out Now

When Sony released the Vita’s 3.10 firmware update earlier this week, we rejoiced. We would now be able to have more than 100 apps on our home screens, thanks to the limit being increased to 500. But for some, it wasn’t good news at all. The Vita’s newest system software caused problems for people with 32GB memory cards.

The problem meant that some systems either constantly rebooted after installation or simply shut themselves down and although it was reported by some other users, it seems to have been largely an issue with those packing 32GB of memory.


Well, now the new system software update is ready for you to download. Sony’s official line is “system stability” but we assume that rushing an incremental update out a few days after one that borked many people’s machines means that they quickly found and fixed the issue in question.

As ever, let us know if there’s any hidden secret features other than y’know, making your Vita work properly again.

Source: SCEA



  1. That was quick! I haven’t spotted the new game management features yet, they were absent from the list you see after the ‘I agree not to winge if this update bricks my console’ update screen. I had a quick dig around in settings and content manager, there’s a lot of game info on display but I can’t see a way of keeping save data whilst deleting game data, I know that wasn’t advertised but I was hoping it would be possible. Anyone any the wise on the changes?

    • No mate the gamesaves and gamedata are not seperated with this new utility, it shows you how much space the data or saves etc. take up on the memory card but that’s all it really is…just info.
      The only sure way to seperate a gamesave is still by using the PSPlus cloud save….pity though as it would have been a great update to content manager had they implemented the function!
      I think that Sony are probably assuming that the majority of players are now plus members.

      • Yeah it is a shame, I’ll probably get plus at some point but for now such a simple feature sits behind a paywall for me. Never mind, it’s not a big problem and the console works so well apart from that!

  2. Odd. I have a 32Gb card and had no issues with the 3.10 firmware.

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