Metro Redux Listed For Next-Gen, Both Metro Games And DLC

Back in April 2013 4A Games’ Andrew Prokhorov said that it would “make sense” for Metro 2033 to come to PS4.  He also said 4A Games are considering bundling a copy of the first game in the series, Metro 2033, alongside Metro: Last Light when it launches on the PS4.


Hey, look what appeared (and very quickly disappeared) on Italian site Thankfully the images were captured by various other websites.



There has been no confirmation from either Deep Silver or 4A Games that the next-gen versions of the games are to be released but we expect sort of statement from the developer regarding the images.

Source: LastLight Forums / AGB



  1. Would get this if both are included as I haven’t played either but liked the sound of them.

    • Last Light is quite good, drags on a bit and some silly level designs but one of the few games I finished last year.

  2. I have Last Light on PS3 but haven’t played it yet, so would consider buying this on PS4 if it’s superior and you get the original game & DLC too. Means it can effectively be wiped off my PS3 backlog pile too!

    • Aye, me too. It would be good to get both games for PS4.

  3. Oh id deffo be up for this, i never finished first and havent started second (from ps plus)

  4. Haven’t played either but have heard good things. Really hope this happens :)

  5. One of my favourite series from last gen. Would buy.

  6. Have a feeling this E3 gon be crazy..

  7. I like the Metro games but I’m not sure they warrant a re-release. We need new games, not old ones with a spit shine.

  8. Well this is aimed at any released polished game, not just Metro, but I’m in 2 minds as to whether this is a good thing or not. Wander whether it’s a case of theres not too much out there at the moment so developers are racing to quickly polish an old gen game knowing that it will sell. I just hope the animation etc is improved too and not just the visuals with these re-releases or it seems to me that you’re not getting a true-next gen experience.

    • There is a bit of that I agree, look how well Tomb Raider did.

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