Out This Week: Elder Scrolls, Dynasty Warriors & Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator |PC| Out Now

I… I have no words for this.


Ok, so maybe I have a few to spare. From Coffee Stain Studios, creators of Sanctum 2 and A Story About My Uncle, Goat Simulator finally allows gamers to live out at least one of their livestock fetishes. With ragdoll physics aplenty, players pilot their own four-legged critter through a world littered with hazards.

Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends |PS3, PS4, PS Vita| Friday

Essentially an on-disc expansion to last year’s Dynasty Warriors 8, Xtreme Legends ushers in five new heroes as well as new modes, weapons, and stages.

For those who buy the PlayStation 4 or Vita version, however, you get the “Complete Edition”. This includes all the content from the original game as well as Xtreme Legends, all bundled into one package.

Be sure to check out our full review.

The Elder Scrolls Online |PC| Friday

With World of Warcraft navigating stormy seas and many smaller MMOs facing the axe, The Elder Scrolls Online comes at a strange time for the genre.

Wading in with its top-end subscription rate, Zenimax is not just banking on the series’ good name to rake in the punters. No, The Elder Scrolls online is also introducing a number of features and systems, propelling single-player experience into a world populated by thousands of other adventurers.

From my own experience I can assure fans that Online definitely retains that Elder Scrolls feel, at least for the first few hours. Though there are slight tweaks and, of course, other players to be wary of, it almost feels like just another TES game.

PlayStation Plus

It’s a quiet week on new game releases, but as the first few days of the month, it’s time to bag some sweet, free PlayStation gaming goodness.

On this month’s hit list are the following titles:

  • Mercenary Kings
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2014
  • Sly Cooper Thieves in Time (Cross-Buy)
  • Hotline Miami (Cross-Buy)
  • MotoGP 13

For those wondering, both Thieves in Time and Hotline Miami will be available to those who own a Vita too.



  1. Imagine if completely new to videogames person came on this article. They probably think goat simulator that’s a April fool. They would be so wrong.

  2. don’t particularly like football games, so meh there, the Sly Copper games are fun so that’s cool.
    and i suck at the motorbike games so meh, once again.

    and i bought Hotline Miami already.

    so overall another, meh, month on plus for me.
    but i’m sure it’ll pick up sooner or later.

  3. I don’t have any of the PS+ games this month so that is pretty cool. I am though waiting for the quality of PS4 games to pick up a bit on the service, I know it is early days so no one is going to give away a AAA game for a long while yet, but reboots and games that could be PS3 are not really doing it for me at the moment. Resogun was by a long way the best so far. Contrast was fun for a quick play through, and although it was frustrating in places I did like the scarefest that was Outlast.

  4. I am waiting for the ‘community’ review of ESoL. Although the critics seem to love it, there are voices of dissent in some places and three weekends of beta access have failed to convince me. I do hate MMORPGs though, so it’s probably more me :)
    Goat simulator though :) Looks absolutely hilarious, I don’t know how long it will be before the joke wears off, but it looks like one of those games you just *have* to have played. Just so you can say you have :)

  5. Watched some Dynasty Warriors on PS4 the other night, don’t think I’ll be rushing out to get it but I can see myself playing it in the future.

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