Toukiden Extreme Coming Later This Year

In the latest edition of Famitsu there are reports that a follow-up to Tecmo KOEI’s demon-hunting RPG is in the works.

The Warriors publisher trademarked Toukiden Kyoku back in February which translates into English as Toukiden “Extreme”.

Studio Omega Force is halfway through developing the title which will be an updated version of the original as opposed to a proper sequel.

Players can expect double the number of demons to fight as well as new items and equipment. A new weapon-type will also be thrown into the mix when Extreme launches on PSP and Vita in Japan later this year.

Obviously, there’s no word on a western release as of yet though Tecmo KOEI are fairly hot on their localizations.

Toukiden may not be the perfect substitute for fans still waiting on Monster Hunter for Vita, though it fared well in our review earlier this year.

Source: Siliconera