Moore: Frostbite Wii U Jokes “Stupid/Unacceptable”

April 1st, though occasionally a good laugh, isn’t always a great day to be a news monkey. The first thing you can expect before finishing your morning cuppa is a healthy dose of PR e-mails. Usually we’ll end up second guessing the first few before checking the date, rolling our eyes, and trudging into the day’s minefield.

Yesterday we saw all sorts of pranks, from Codemasters’ rail/GRID mash-up to Call of Duty’s altered playlists and even a third person VR simulation from the guys at Razer.


Though some will have missed it, one of the more controversial wind-ups was actually one of the simplest: a series of Wii U jokes.

Here’s one of yesterday’s tweets from Frostbite, the game engine developed by Battlefield creators DICE:



Below the belt? Kind of, but it didn’t stop there. Frostbite went on to announce Half-Life 3 exclusively for the Wii U, turning even more heads.

A tongue in cheek gag had developed into a somewhat out-of-place slagging off directed at Nintendo’s newest platform.

The tweets were later pulled, and EA’s Peter Moore has since apologised for Frostbite’s comments:

What do you think? Was Frostbite completely out of order or are just getting a bit to sensitive.



  1. Lol if people get upset over that then they shouldn’t be allowed on the Internet. The wii u is crap and everyone knows it

    • Yeah, but not all things need to be said, even if factually correct. If a friends girlfriend wasn’t blessed with good looks, you wouldn’t say to him “oi mate, your missus is a monstorous hound” would you?

      • Brilliant example and absolutely spot on!!

        McProley is right, yes the guys have been sarcastic in a manner that we all understand but you don’t kick a dead dog when it’s down. Not very professional.

        Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t offend me at all and I did chuckle a bit, just don’t think it’s necessary.

  2. i don’t think they were that bad, but they weren’t funny.
    if they’d mocked up a few renders and put the slightest bit of effort in, i’d give them some credit.

    frankly, i think Nintendo are mockworthy with the way they’ve handled their console this gen.
    or the titles they’ve released for it.
    games that are almost the same as previous versions, if not just remakes of previous versions, and minigame collections do not sell consoles on their own.

    but make it funny and put some effort or thought into, these were just lazy, and believe me, i know about lazy attempts at humour. ^_^

    and ea respect Nintendo enough to make a grovelling apology, but not enough to support them with games?
    makes it seem somewhat disingenuous.

    though i will say this, it was funnier to read than the actual “jokes”

  3. All abit unprofessional of them, plus it could burn in bridges

  4. Totally out of order. There jokes then there’s being over the top. The only problem for Nintendo here is they can’t pull the rug from EA as Nintendo need games like FIFA, COD and maybe NFS on their system as it would sell even less consoles. I prey much agree with McProley above. I feel sorry for Nintendo here, the Wii U is a bad console it’s just not got the support it needs.

  5. It’s curious actually. I wonder how much of the insult comes from the universal knowledge that Wii U hasn’t been doing that well. If Wii U was doing as well as Wii was in it’s day, then the above jokes would just be jokes. Yet they are not doing well, and somehow the above becomes a bad joke, almost pathetic. I’m probably over-analysing.

    Either way it is in bad taste, and it shows up more about the person who tweeted more than anything. I agree with McProley’s point above, we might have some hilarious jokes, but some are in bad taste because not everyone feels it’s a joke.

  6. Can’t see a problem with any of Frostbites tweets. It’s an easy dig but just banter at the end of the day. If Nintendo are upset about it they should react by getting some decent games on Wii U or improving the system.

  7. HAHA! It’s a pretty good April Fools. Though I don’t think its unacceptable!? there goes the ever corporate EA shitting on everyones fun. If it’s not the Sim City launch or the buggy BF4 then it’s tweeters having a JOKE on April fools. They got off light this year, but no wonder they’re voted worst company in America the last 3 consecutive years. GET A GRIP EA!

    • Also laughing a lot at all the self-righteous comments above…’oh…poor Nintendo…” as if people are actually feeling sorry for the corporate behemoth that is Nintendo right now.

      • How about all those early adopters who got stung with a console barely supported by 3rd parties a couple of years down the line…?

        I’m sure they laughed at the “joke” too, and love having their noses rubbed in it…!

        I find it very immature and unprofessional, joke or not.

      • If it was any other day i’d agree but It’s meant to be immature and unprofessional… it’s april fools. It’s just a shame people lose their sense of humour and forget what april fools is all about.

  8. At the end of the day it was just a joke so Nintendo should lighten up a bit.

    • Hardly.

      Not so much a joke as taking the piss out of them and the console, which is very unprofessional.

      And that’s not to mention the thousands who bought one early on to then find it’s been pretty much abandoned by the 3rd parties. I’m sure they’re laughing too…

  9. Joking. Hell no. They should be spending their time repairing Bugfest 3 and Bugfest 4 instead of fannying about with shit jokes. Dickheads.

    • Yeh you’re right because it takes ages to write a tweet…

  10. Isn’t this a fan account and not affiliated with ea in any way?

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