Soul Sacrifice Delta Western Release All But Confirmed

After being listed by a Spanish retailer, Souls Sacrifice Delta has now been rated by the Australian classification board. Granted an MA 15+, we’re surely one step closer to an official localization announcement from Sony following Delta’s launch in Japan last month.


This updated version of the gruesome action RPG will feature new monsters, stages, and spells, plucked from Comcept’s twisted grimoire.

The original Soul Sacrifice, designed by Mega Man lead Keiji Inafune, didn’t win unanimous praise from critics when it launched last year. However, Sony has made sure -via PlayStation Plus, cross promotions and Delta- that the IP has become a flagship for its latest handheld.

Source: Siliconera


  1. I’ve still yet to have a proper go on the first one on my Vita. I think I`m gonna be playing PS3 games till I retire…..

  2. Great to hear. I did enjoy SS so I’m totally diving into Delta. Hopefully we might see an imminent release, maybe Summer.

  3. I didn’t really get on with the SS demo but as the full game came free from plus I’m willing to give it another bash.

  4. Haven’t tried SS yet. Is it a good series or should I pass?

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