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TSA Plus Points Challenge Dead Nation Results

The results of the third round of the TSA Plus Points Challenge are in. This month only saw 9 people enter which is quite a way behind the numbers we saw for the first few months. I do hope you’re not all losing interest so early, when there’s still everything to play for!

Hopefully it was just that Dead Nation didn’t grab your attention, but it should make for an interesting contest next month with Mercenary Kings which, from what I’m hearing, definitely isn’t many people’s cup of tea!

So let’s get straight to the results then. This month sees the rivalry between X1BALBAABLAB1X and Lieutenantfatman continuing, with them taking up the top 2 spots. The gap between them though was massive, with X1BALBAABLAB1X scoring a frankly ridiculous 18,359,122 points for 1st place and therefore taking the 10 leaderboard points. I’d love to know whereabouts that stands on the global leaderboard, it can’t be far off the top!

Winner of the fastest time proved an interesting one. We previously stipulated that anyone who finishes in the top 10 for the main challenge won’t be eligible for the bonus challenge but there were only 9 entrants in total! We decided to alter the rules and make it that the top 5 weren’t eligible, leaving only 4 people whose times could count towards the bonus challenge.

Of those, camdaz took the fastest time with 5 minutes 35 seconds and therefore gains 5 bonus leaderboard points. Matheson would’ve easily taken this, had he not finished in the top 5, since he had a stupidly fast time of 2 minutes 41 seconds. Very unlucky with that!

High Scores

Name Score
Lieutenantfatman 4268016
matheson 1264482
XIII_WarMachine 888122
Sick_puppy 796634
beneddy 783665
camdaz 716532
Dividsmythe 234816
tatoemonkey 155482

Fastest Times

Name Time
matheson 02:41:00
camdaz 05:35:00
tatoemonkey 08:26:00
Dividsmythe 09:15:00
Sick_puppy 11:38:00
XIII_WarMachine 13:13:00
beneddy 13:14:00
Lieutenantfatman 14:42:00

The winner of the random draw for a £10 PSN voucher is Lieutenantfatman. Coming in 2nd place and being the winner of the £10 voucher makes this a big week for you! You can thank the gods of random.org for that one.

Keep your eyes peeled on the site tomorrow for the updated Plus Points Challenge leaderboard post where we’ll see how these results affect the overall standings. Well done to all those that took part this month, here’s hoping for a larger turnout next month!

Written and organised by Tony Cawley.


  1. Woohoo, thanks very much Tony, and Sixthaxis, much appreciated. :)
    Congrats X1BALBA, another first place! Wanted to give your score a better challenge like on Resogun, maybe on the next one, eh?

    Mercenary Kings, looking forward to it!

    • Cheers :)

      That was a pretty good score you posted, knowing you’d not had much time with it.

      If it is Mercenary Kings up next I may well be in trouble. Gonna be fun though.

      • Congrats to both you guys, Matheson too! Shame he ended up missing out on a prize. Hoping these competitions will still be running when I eventually manage to grab a PS4 myself.

  2. yay I didn’t have to scroll down to find my score! lol was hard going that game not my forte clearly but I had a go. Looking forward to the next round.

  3. More than 1 point at last. yay! :-)

    • Had you sent a friend request? Recognise the name.

      • Ah yeah, Was trying to add a few of the TSA challengers to my list :-) You can trust me :-p

  4. Yay!
    Highscore wasn’t actually 18 million it was 14 million. For some reason it gave me the bonuses again when the game/PS4 failed to upload the screenshot. Mentioned in follow up tweet when I noticed. Think It would have been top 10 (14 mil).
    Did make me wonder if the top score, which was about 21 million, was achieved because of a similar issue. My score on the leaderboard is around 12 million (thanks to it crashing).

    Played on Undead .

    I reckon had he not been away Lieutenantfatman would have been right on my heels.

    Good stuff, all.

  5. Tony, you’re doing a great job here. Organising, tracking, setting the competition objectives and everything else all takes time. Top marks to you.

    Good luck with the Mercenary Kings challenge! I’ve deleted my free PS+ copy already.

    • Thanks man, nice to know it’s appreciated! More than happy to put a little time in if I know it binds the tsa community and makes a few people happy.

  6. Just an idea but (and if no one minds obviously) it might be cool if the winner could share a vid of their high score too a bit like a master class of sorts.

    Really enjoyed watching X1BALBAABLAB1X kick butt on the Resogun challenge.

    • Good idea, I like it.

      • Uploading a run now.
        ‘Share’ continues to be messed up though. I think it’s only partial footage and not even of the run I just did.
        So annoying.

    • ‘Share’ feature is completely messed up for me when trying to upload Dead Nation footage.

      Key to this was playing on Undead.
      Upgrading fire rate of standard rifle and upgrading to the best armour (I went with agility and endurance over strength).
      I also try and get my multiplier to 100 before moving to the first checkpoint. Means standing at the fence shooting randomly hoping you’ll hit a distant off screen zombie, having already thrown a grenade and flare from the second bridge to the zombies below.

      If I can get ‘share’ to work I’ll post on Facebook and link on Twitter .

      • I’ve had a few problems with recording footage as well, hopefully they’ll fix it soon. Good tips by the way!

      • Unless it’s hassle to view via Twitter/Facebook it’s probably not worth sticking on YouTube.
        Cheers though.

      • I do find share a bit hit and miss, this notwithstanding it is a pretty good feature so it’s a shame.

        Thanks for the tips may I say you are becoming somewhat a legend :)

    • Managed an upload to Facebook, but it’s only the first 8 minutes that it bothered recording. Most important bit is the first area getting up your multiplier early, then you just have to try to avoid getting hit.
      I’ll post a link on Twitter with #tsadeadnation in it.

      • Nice work, I can put it on youtube again if you like, let me know if you want me to, happy to do it. Also, not sure if you’ve tried recording footage manually? That’s what I do. I set it so double tapping share starts recording. But I appreciate people seem to have different issues with it.

  7. Congrats to all that entered. I would have entered this one myself, but if can’t even complete the first level!! :( will see about MK this month, when I can download it.

  8. Congrats to the winners, got distracted by Infamous myself.

  9. I can’t Berkshire I ended up so high in this round on my only go on this level. I guess there wasn’t very many others competition. Well done to the winners.

    • Best. Typo. Ever.

      • Lol I didn’t see that this Google keyboard winds me up. I forget to proof read my replies all the time.

        Obviously I have nothing wrong with Berkshire or any other UK county it was Kent to be believe. Kent was 1 of its other typos but I left that in was ment.

  10. Never played the game before this comp so knew I wouldn’t be competitive with the points score but surprised to see I was second in the times, especially as I didn’t know about the times counting.

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