LEGO Hobbit Game Will Have DLC For Third Film

When it launches next Friday, the LEGO Hobbit video game will let players relive the first two films in Jackson’s latest trilogy. When developer TT Games announced the title, however, it did raise questions as to how the third film, There And Back Again, would be handled.

According to Brick Fanatics, the closing chapter in Bilbo’s epic adventure will arrive this Christmas as a hefty slab of downloadable content. For obvious reasons there has been no word on pricing or if the expansion will also be available on-disc.

It’s likely TT Games had been working on the trilogy as a single project but, due to the trilogy’s release schedule, was forced to delay its adaptation of the final film.

Source: Brick Fanatics


  1. I guess they’ve got to wait for preview edits of the film, so they know what happens in the story. :P

  2. I wonder if the dlc affects the collection side of the game. Are all the red and gold bricks etc only collected from the on disk stuff. It would be a shame if the added levels don’t have any collectables. I also wonder how many levels the game has. Is it 15 spread across both films with 7 more or 10 levels with 5 dlc.

  3. Why didn’t they just wait? Sounds like a real headache.

    • I totally agree. It would have made much more sense to release a complete game at the same time (or just after) the final part of the trilogy.

    • Does seem a bit strange.

      Hopefully by “DLC” it refers to a standalone chapter, albeit linked to the core game.

      Planning to pick this up on my trip abroad so could do without the region-lock for add-on content.

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