Kingdom Under Fire II PS4 Graphics “Better And Higher Than The PC Version”

Kingdom Under Fire II’s executive producer, Sang Youn Lee, has confirmed the game will be released on PS4 in Europe, saying the game will hit the console “at the same time like in Europe, Japan and Korea.”

“We are planning to release it in this year. We’re really focused on releasing its PS4 version and as PS4, the console itself is really good machine,” he added.

The PS4 version is also supposed to receive exclusive content and that is not the only difference. “A little hard to tell you right now because if the PC users know, they will be very angry,” admitted Sang Youn Lee. “PS4 has much better graphics. PS4 graphics quality will be much better and higher than the PC version.”

The free-to-play MMO will also ship with a control schemed tailored for consoles. Discussions for an Xbox One version are underway and the team are currently talking to Microsoft to see if it is possible.

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  1. I’d expect them to be very similar. Anything different to that and something has gone weirdly wrong. Looking forward to seeing what’s happened.

  2. Take that Xbox, take that PC nerds! I’m definitely giving this a go if its better than the other machines……oooooh a hook, line and sinker…..

  3. As capable as the PS4 is, the only way the graphics would be better than on a half decent PC is if the developers haven’t put enough effort into optimising the PC port.

    • Yup, basically, they’ve just admitted the PC port is poorly optimised. It’s strange though, because the graphics in the video above aren’t that bad.

    • Yep, shoddy development.

      • You’d think so wouldn’t you….. Until you question whether the PC port will be 32-bit which limits it’s address space and b) what the lowest spec they’re targeting with PC…. It does not necessarily hold that all PCs and by extension most gaming PCs have all the facilities and more that the PS4 does, sure buying a gaming PC or a new graphics card is all well and good, but the likelihood is that will put you far beyond the minimum specs.

    • That is not really true is it?

      And please define what you mean with a half decent PC, because my guess is that it would still cost more than three times the cost of a PS4.

      I can play most games on 1280×720, if I pull the settings of textures, depth of field, etc. a bit back. Everything more will just give me a framerate of 10fps….

      And that is with a decent PC.

      • Three times is a bit much, there are various guides on t’net showing how to build a PS4-spec PC for around £500 quid. It does cost a bit more, but you save on the games being cheaper..

        Swings, Roundabouts, etc.

  4. They do say – “We’re really focused on releasing its PS4 version”.

    Kind of explains it really.

    • Agreed… but the implied message is “and we’ve really skimped on the PC version so it’s going to feel like a horrid console port” which many PC gamers know all too well.

      Silly buggers. I’d have staggered the releases and concentrated on the PC version slightly later on but there we go. It’ll be interesting to see how the various platforms’ reviews stack up.

      • Yeah true, I always thought F2P games were more popular with the PC crowd. Could be that PC players are used to shoddy ports, whereas console folk are a little sensitive atm given the ferocity of the console wars. Or theres more money in consoles, fuck knows.

  5. This may become a contender to beat out WarFrame from my favorite free MMO.

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