WeView Verdict: Gran Turismo 6

Knowing many of the people who play Gran Turismo 6, the overall verdict this week wasn’t exactly in doubt. However, there were a few interesting wrinkles in the story.

By and large, people agreed with my summary and my actual review from last year. Tomhlord said that “It is the best Gran Turismo by far in one key area. The driving.” which has always been a strong point of the series. However, “it still lags behind many other games in the smaller details,” and Tom pointed to a lack of events and lacklustre AI, before summing it up by saying, “Flawed, yes, but brimming with character.”

3shirts was more enthusiastic, saying:

GT6 is the reason I didn’t mind the lack of big launch titles for PS4. In hindsight I should have waited and picked up a Second Son bundle as I’ve been largely ignoring the PS4 in favour of GT6 for weeks. The menus are much better, the variety of events like the moon missions, Goodwood, and the Red Bull series keep things mixed up and the new tracks are fantastic, especially Brand Hatch and Silverstone.

Equally, Motalla loves the game so much, he’s “going to buy 2 extra copies, so I can go multi-screen again.” A feature that is being patched in soon.

Freezebug joins the love in, stating, “I’m sold on any Gran Turismo game without even seeing any review or preview. Ever since being mesmerised by the original and stunning Gran Turismo 1 playing on my PS1, I was totally hooked from the off!”

But, as with Tom‘s comment, it kept returning to those key flaws. John Malcolm called it “rubber banding” when he described how “the leader heads off into the wide blue yonder for the first few laps, then inexplicably slows down for the last lap or so, suddenly lapping about 30% slower.”

After saying that “using a torch to navigate through a swimming pool of treacle at night would be an improvement over the GT5 menu,” Tonyyeb laid into the AI:

The AI is GT6′s (and pretty much every GT game so far) major flaw, the opposition might as well be on rails. They still ram you out of the way if you make a late but fair move, out breaking them and then suddenly BANG!! As I don’t get chance to attend (m)any of the Monday meets, I have to race offline a lot and sadly the poor AI has meant I haven’t played GT6 for about a month, possibly more.

Despite the flaws, Bchill416 noted that “even though I got the Platinum, I still play every day or so.”Finally, kjkg and ron_mcphatty both said that they “never actually felt like this was a proper GT release” and that they had “rightly or wrongly written this off as a filler.” Admittedly, neither had played the game as a consequence, and didn’t vote.

From those that did vote, even with the flaws, it was an overwhelming Buy It victory with 5 votes. There was one out and out Bargain Bin vote, but a few of the Buy It crowd did note that it has already dropped in price.

From one racing game franchise to another, and Need for Speed: Rivals is set to follow Gran Turismo 6 for tomorrow’s WeView. You can also get your voting for the next game to appear in WeView in the poll below, as Killzone Shadow Fall joins the ranks.



  1. I’ve got to say, I agree with all those comments. The menus are much improved, the AI is still crap and it’s the best GT yet (as it should be, or they’re doing something wrong). Hoping to make the jump to PS4 soon so, as PS4’s only racer, I’m interested to see what people think of NFS Rivals. For the same reason KZ Shadow Fall gets my vote for the next game. Not really interested in more COD or BF, so would be good to hear how/if this differentiates itself.

    • I didn’t realise that Rivals was the PS4s only racer, that’s pretty incredible! I may or may not pick up GT6, I’m very tempted now it’s cheap but I’m also well on my way towards the funds needed for a PS4 and a copy of Rivals. I suppose the next WeView is well timed for me then.

  2. Jolly well decent score I’d say!

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