PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Gets The Ultimate Update

A new update, 1.12, has been released for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and it has been named the ultimate patch as it contains over 100 balance changes for the entire character roster of the game. The update also unlocks a third costume for both Zeus and Isaac, with the Graveyard DLC that contains both characters going on sale from today in North America and tomorrow in Europe. The update will begin automatically once the game is started as long as you’re online.

The entire list of changes is available to view on the PlayStation forum here, and it is absolutely huge with it being over 4000 words long. Most of the changes affect the power of attacks, as well as reactions to them too. Some bug fixes have also been implemented to address different movements, and other things such as characters from changing direction halfway through performing attacks. Many changes are also about standardising character reactions across the roster for more even fights.


It’s good to see support still continuing for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and that they’re substantial updates. Of course this could be the last big update before new projects take up more time, and that may be why all of these changes have come at once. It may be a good time to have a go with the game again with all these changes implemented.

Source: PS Forum



  1. I do wonder whether this will be in the IGC sometime soon. It’s around a tenner on disc anyway, but I’m not sure how populated the online is. It’s super to see it getting support like this, ages after it’s release.

  2. I love this game. It’s not as good as Smash Bros., and unfortunately my friends would rather play that, but the mash-up levels was really cool.

    Interesting that this is announced on the same day as the Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct.

    • Yeah, odd timing. It’s not like they’ll be able to take away any of Smash 4s’ thunder for tonight.

  3. Great game, particularly impressive is how you can basically use a Vita as a controller for multiplayer if you have access to two accounts.

    Gameplay-wise it’s no Super Smash Bros, but still fun as an alternative. The graphics on Vita are seriously impressive.

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