Civilization: Beyond Earth Announced, Will Take The Series To The Stars

Firaxis Games has announced the next entry to Sid Meier’s Civilization series with Beyond Earth, which will move the strategy game from Earth and launch it into space. The game will feature procedurally generated planets from arid deserts to water-worlds, and there will be aliens to ally, trade, and fight with too. How your human colony interacts with the inhabitants of the planets will have an impact on the units available to build, and the way your society looks.

There are three main paths in which players can use to win named Supremacy,  Purity, and Harmony. Supremacy is all about domination by using technology to improve everything including creating bionic commandos, while Purity is for players who wish to keep humans human as they look to survive on a new world. Harmony is for players who embrace the new worlds and use the resources there to succeed. Since Beyond Earth is set a sci-fi set up you’ll have access to technology such as terraforming and orbital strike platforms.

I’m quite excited by this because the Civilization series is one of my favourites, and this feels like the natural step for Firaxis to take.

Source: PCGamer


  1. Sounds good, I wonder if there’s any chance of them bringing it to consoles, Firaxis did bring their Xcom reboot to consoles after all.

  2. Would love a sequel to Civ Rev for consoles. Even after all these years one of the best PS3 games

    • Absolutely this. It was brilliant, if a little buggy

  3. Looks awesome! Love Civ!!! Not a huge fan of Civ Rev – but.. Imagine a Vita version…

  4. I really like the look of the Civ series. Hopefully this one will find its way to PS4, but I doubt it.

  5. Hopefully this is more like IV than V.

  6. And nothing like Alpha Centauri :)

  7. This would be great on PS4.

  8. Aye. I wouldn’t mind a PS4 version of this.

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