Podcast: Episode 137 – inFamous, Football Manager Vita And In Fear

We measure our brief existence in this universe by a number of milestones. Today’s measurement is this: Kev has been with the podcast for a hundred episodes. To celebrate, Kris went away with work and we let Kev host the whole thing. As you can imagine, it’s significantly more enthusiastic than our usual hosting style.

We also celebrated the joyous occasion of Kev’s centenary by inviting on TSA’s Editor, Blair. He had a bit more to talk about than the relative merits of a third dimension this time, instead focusing on the effects of being able to rewind and rerun the fourth dimension in Call of Juarez: Gunslinger.

Kev and Lewis took opposing views on inFamous: Second Son, in which Kev was recently awarded the platinum trophy and Lewis has more blast shards than he knows what to do with.

I got to talk a little bit about Football Manager Classic for the Vita and very quickly about the Trials Fusion PC beta too. Lewis told us about a weirdly unsettling film he saw called In Fear.

Then we had our usual quiz and some excellent listener questions before we wrapped up.

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  1. I completely disagree with the opinion that previous gen shouldn’t be emulated on new gen consoles. For me personally and a few of my friends, who also happen to be into console gaming for like a few generations, we all would like to see the emulation of previous PlayStation generations. To be honest, if the PS4 would be able to play my PS3 discs (PS3 is enough, but PS2 and PS1 would be welcome) I would immediately buy the new SONY console without checking the financials with my wife…AND that is a thing! :P As a PlayStation “maniac”, I love to play console games and even thou my gaming backlog is filled with a huge amount of PS3 games, I still would like to go back and enjoy such masterpieces like Final Fantasy XII, Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven or Ace Combat: Squadron Leader.
    The only things that keep SONY from enabling this feature are all the remastered HD releases of PS2 games and remastered “were HD but now better I think?” PS3 games. Their sales would drop and that is obviously not what the stakeholders, managers etc. do want.

    As a Manchester United supporter I must say I’m suffering this season like never before. I think the last time I suffered this much was when Arsenal won the Premier League and we lost to them 3-1. I can still see their gold like kits scoring goals against us. Just horrible. Well, but anyway Liverpool is awesome this season and currently I’m just focused on Manchester City not winning the PL. Everyone else – you’re welcome :P

    My question: “Poland?” was a reply to what I saw on twitter: “@kevatron400 @halbpro like something beginning with a ‘p’!” ^^

    Anyway, great show guys. Kev – well done as host ^^

    • Thanks, I had fun! You make a good point about prev-gen sales. To a certain extent I was being facetious and playing Devil’s advocate, but personally I think I’ve never bought a prev-gen game once moving to current-gen.

      • And don’t you have any prev-gen games at home or did you sell all of them? If you sold all of them, then shame on you young man :( I don’t know if you saw my playroom photos, in one of the Community Chronicles (I think or Round Up), but I would definitely benefit from a prev-gen emulation in current-gen. I strongly believe there are people who would also love to get back to some of their best memories from prev-gens (without paying again for it), so the assumption that it is not a real problem or something to expect from PS4 is a bit harsh.

  2. if last gen games are so unpopular, why are there so many hd remakes these days?
    the Tomb Raiders, FFX/X2, 2 God of War collections, MGS collection, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.
    aren’t they last gen games?

    maybe they’d just rather we paid for the games again than play the copies we already have.

    like the way Sony are doing PS2 emulation on PS3, the games are the same, just emulated, but they won’t let us use our discs, we have to rebuy the game off their store.

    Kev, are you trying to usurp Kris’s place as master of the segway?

    those trick controls in the new Trials sound a little like the way Skate works.
    i never could get the hang of Skate.

    that was partly a joke last week, but i did still miss you Peter.

    when i get a PS4, i might get The Last Of Us, since i haven’t played the PS3 original.
    but then the PS3 version might be in the essentials budget range by then and it’ll be cheaper to buy that.

    • I think you mean “seague”, but man alive it’d be great to be master of the segway.

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