Out This Week: FIFA World Cup, Final Fantasy XIV & Trials Fusion

Plenty of variety again this week, although a few of these titles are re-releases. Still, there’s some really unique new titles in among them, and some old favourites returning.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn | PS4 | Monday

Being a downloadable MMO, access to this actually opened up yesterday, with PS3 owners able to upgrade to the PS4 version of the game. You’ll get a download code, and your subscription will even carry over, so it sounds like a pretty good deal for free. You’re probably actually better buying the PS3 version and upgrading, rather than paying more for the PS4 one.

If you’re not quite sure what it is, then expect Final Fantasy’s gameplay taken to an online realm. It’s subscription-based, with a monthly payment, but it’s probably worth a look if you’re into all things fantastical.

Details on the upgrade process can be found here.

Dead Nation | PS Vita | Wednesday

Dead Nation is making its way to PS Vita this week, and if you already own the PS3 version (but not the PS4 one, seemingly, as that’s the Apocalypse Edition) then you won’t have to pay any extra, as it’s cross-buy supported.

It should be quite interesting to see how the game holds up on Sony’s handheld, we’ve got a review in progress so we’ll let you know soon.

The Sly Trilogy | PS Vita | Wednesday

Another port headed to PlayStation Vita, this time in the form of the three Sly Cooper games, with their HD makeover. While the Jak & Daxter trilogy notably wasn’t a very good port, hopefully this fares better.

Sly Cooper is another of Sony’s mascots, combining stealthy gameplay and three dimensional platforming. It’s probably not for everyone, but it can be quite fun.

We’ve got a review of this in the works too, so we’ll see how well it works out!

Trials Fusion | PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 PC | Wednesday

I’m really liking their approach to this game. Traditionally a downloadable title would just release on the store, and if a boxed edition was ever considered, then it would probably be about a fiver more with no additional content.

Instead, what they’re doing here is bundling the boxed version with the season pass, meaning that if you get it on disc rather than downloading it, you’ll be paying around £30, but getting one year of additional downloadable content.

Anyway, enough about the release methods. If you’re unaware, Trials is a side scrolling biking game, where you’ll have to pull off jumps – and now tricks – as quick as possible, reaching the end of the level with the best time and highest score.

There’s always a brilliant track editor, and the last game – Trials Evolution – was extremely good. Our review of this one will go live when the embargo lifts tomorrow.

Hitman GO | iOS | Thursday

We wouldn’t usually cover mobile games in Out This Week, but this one just looks too good to pass up. Taking the stealthy gameplay from Hitman and applying it to a diorama-style board game, this truly seems like a unique title.

It’s really nice to see titles like this make their way to mobile devices. With games like this, Monument Valley, The Room and Device 6, there really are some special little games in among the myriad of free-to-play copycats.

We’ll have to wait and see if this one matches the rest in terms of gameplay, but that wonderful style has us quite excited already.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil | PS3, Xbox 360 | Friday

It’s a real shame that the new generation of FIFA games aren’t getting a world cup makeover, other than some new flavours for Ultimate Team, but for those of you still stuck with a PS3 or Xbox 360, this game might be quite good, at least to tide you over until the real thing in June.

It features some gameplay improvements, and while it’s still running on the old Impact engine, rather than the new Ignite engine due to the hardware, there should be a noticeable improvement in the mechanics.

You’ll also be able to play as any team through qualification on your road to the world cup, or take to the multiplayer for online world cup gameplay. Plenty to do, then, and plenty of teams to play as. All 203 from the qualification stages, in fact.


  1. Really enjoyed the trials game on Vita so the one on ps4 will probably be good but it seems overpriced to me.

  2. I will defo be getting Trials. This was the only game that the 360 had that I wanted..

  3. so this’ll be, what? the third Trials game, right?
    still no female riders?
    though that’s annoying it doesn’t really affect the gameplay, which makes me wonder why they seem so dead set against the idea.

    the worst problem with the Trials games is the lack of finesse possible in the controls for the rider.
    there’s no analog control for the rider, you want to lean forwards a little, but he’s just throw himself forwards.
    there are touch screen games like the Trials series that give you that level of control, why do red lynx still have the driver throwing himself about like a maniac?

    • I’m all for female riders, as long as they wear bikinis. <<< joke

  4. Probs get Trials, but don’t think I’ll need thirty quids worth.

  5. How much is the download of Trials gonna be? Not sure I can spare the £30 disc version at the moment.

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