Avoid Droid Going For A Fruitful Launch On Vita In June, Possibly Earlier

Infinite State Games, a two man studio, has announced that they will be hoping to release their game Avoid Droid on Vita by June. The game itself is described as a “passive shmup fruit ’em up arcadey dodger” kind of title, in which you control a droid who is trying to eat the fruit that belongs to the creatures trying to destroy you. The fruit also acts as your main weapon as it explodes when touched  by the droid, killing any enemies in the path of the shrapnel. This in turn can create chains as other fruits will explode when hit.

The game will feature randomly generated levels in the Arena mode in which coins can be collected to unlock customisation options. Mission mode will have 50 levels to play through, while a Time Attack and Chill Out mode will also be present. Control wise there will be option to use either touch, tilt or analog controls. Apparently there’s also plans to include a Youtube upload option to show your own playthroughs to the world.


Avoid Droid should be available on Vita by June, with an iOS release following a month after.

Source: Infinite State Games


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  1. The music is awesome too, and it’s free:

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