Schrödinger’s Cat Stars In Team17’s Latest Publishing Deal

I’m a big fan of Schödinger’s Cat and do my best to reference it whenever it is even tangentially applicable to a conversation. That’s not the case here, because this famous thought experiment is at the heart of the latest game that Team17’s burgeoning publishing business has signed.

Coming from the curiously named Italic Pig, which I’m sure you can probably abbreviate to Pig, Schrödinger’s Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark explores what exactly goes on inside the box when nobody is looking.


Coming to PC, Mac & Linux in Q3 of this year (and who knows where else after that), you’ll take control of Schrödinger’s Cat in a puzzle-platformer that sees you trying to put the Particle Zoo back in order, as leptons, gluons and bosons run around willy-nilly.

There’s some quite nifty sounding ideas in there too, with replayability in mind, as areas in the zoo are actually randomly put together puzzle environments that might focus on different styles of puzzle. Meanwhile, you’re collecting quarks of six varieties as you play, and combining them in threes to create everything from ledges and a helicopter-style flying booster to drills that will burrow through walls.

But really, I just like the idea of playing a game with Schrödinger’s Cat in it.



  1. Chasing a ball of string theory?

    • And we have a winner. :D

      • I just went for the obvious, i won’t pretend that i understand quantum physics :)

        The game sounds interesting though for sure and it’s good to see something fresh from Team 17.

  2. i’ve always thought there was a flaw in the whole Schrodinger’s cat thought experiment.
    what about the cat?
    surely the cat would be an observer.
    anybody outside the box wouldn’t know, but the cat would.
    tie the outcome to some other possibility that doesn’t involve any kind of living being, say a gas is released that changes the colour of a piece of paper, then you could say it’s in two possible quantum states, or whatever the technical term is.

    but stick a cat in there, and you’re just likely to have a pissed off, and then dead, cat.

    anyway, the game looks cool.
    love that Cern line. ^_^

    • That’s not strictly a flaw in the “experiment”. It just makes things complicated.

      At some point, the cat is in some strange superposition of states, both alive and dead. Classically, that’s just nonsense. With quantum physics, it makes perfect sense (for certain values of “sense”). It’s in all possible states until observed. There are experiments that show quite clearly that things work like that.

      Schrodinger’s experiment just raises lots of questions. Is the cat an observer? You don’t know what happened to it until you open the box. You can’t know that. And once you open it, is the cat alive, or dead? Has it always been one or the other? Will the cat be thinking “Well, I was in a box for a bit, but nothing bad happened. Still going to claw your face off though”? Does it make any sense at all for the cat to be in both states until you open the box, and then for the cat to have only been alive or dead all along? Obviously it’s in one state once you look, but _what_ was going on before from both your perspective and that of the cat?

      So it’s not really a flaw in an experiment you wouldn’t do anyway. It just takes a theory that seems to work quite well, and raises further questions we don’t know the answers to yet. Which is how science is supposed to work.

      • Plus, good luck trying to get a set of results of the cats findings!

        If it is anything like mine, it will generally be quite ignorant, lick itself a few times & then sleep for a bit before awaking & trying to destroy something. Scientific theories are a bit past them.

  3. This’ll blow your mind: What happens if the scientist who opens the box is in a sealed room? WHAT THEN?!

    You see why we love this stuff. I think it was Richard Feynman who said “If you think you understand quantum mechanics, then you don’t understand quantum mechanics.”

    Back to work! (I mean me, not you).
    -Italic Pig.

    • I thought the quote was “I think I can safely say nobody understands quantum mechanics”. And he was including himself in that.

      So if someone of that level of genius (how many people get diagrams named after them AND play the bongos?) says he doesn’t understand it, nobody does, or probably ever really will. Because it makes no sense, and rather annoyingly seems to work. While making no sense at all.

  4. No boxed release?

    • Presumably the box would contain both zero and one copies of the game until you open it. Would you take that risk?

  5. If the big bang theory did game websites :OD

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