The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game May Not Be Released On Xbox One

All references to the Xbox One version of The Amazing Spiderman 2 game been removed from the game’s official site and Activision have confirmed the release of the title is in doubt.

“We want to inform you that we are revising our release plans for ASM2 on Xbox One. When and whether ASM2 is released on Xbox One is TBD,” is the note on a release schedule update.

No reason has been given as to why the game has been delayed or cancelled. Without wishing to be disparaging about other Activision games, they are not always that focussed on quality (especially when it comes to movie tie ins) so I doubt the delay is due to frame rate or other technical issues.

However, Activision are very business minded and quickly close down games if there is no profit, perhaps they think the install base for Xbox One is too low to justify the release.

Rather amusingly the game is still scheduled for release on the struggling Wii U, as well as PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, PC and 3DS.

Source: MCV / NeoGAF



  1. On the one hand this’ll be another crappy movie tie-in so no great loss from that perspective.
    On the other hand this is a tie-in to one of the biggest summer movies and, while crap, they usually sell well (tragically) so having the game cancelled for one console is not a good thing.

    • The first one was actually ok, actually reminded you how good the early Activision games were. It had issues but on the whole perfect for Spidey fans. Also they don’t follow the plot of the films, they just come out at the same time.

      Will be grabbing this on PS4.

      • Me too. I love all the Marvel/DC characters and Spidey has always been my favourite since being a tiny fro. I’ll be webslinging here, there and everywhere :-)

    • The first was actually far from a crappy movie tie in – It harked back to the story of course (& actually contained a few spoilers here & there if you hadn’t seen the film), but it was so much more than that. It was the closest game I have played to Spiderman 2 on PS2 (& that is actually quite the accolade).

      I had ridiculous amounts of fun with the first Amazing Spiderman game & I don’t expect any less from this one. This is a day one for me!

  2. Is the film made by Sony Pictures? Could that be anything to do with it?

    • Was just thinking the same thing. Could well be Sony saying “no… get your own games!” and being all possessive and what-not. :-)

      • It’s still coming out on the 360 though. Maybe it’s a case of the install base of the 360 is too good an income to lose out on, but they can take a hit on the One since it’s not going to bring in nearly as much revenue?

      • I should add, “and hit their competitors a bit as its now being talked about in the media and doesn’t help the Xbox One’s image.”

    • Precisely my first thought when I read the headlines. Given Sony own the license, and the comparatively low install base, it might not be financially viable to push out the Xbox One version (as TC posits in his writeup).

    • My understanding was sony held the film rights to spiderman, activision has the game rights, and Disney have something else. Can’t quite remember. But I’m sure sony only hold the film rights.

      • Yep, which is why they rushed to reboot the franchise, if they go a certain length without producing a movie they lose the rights and it defers back to marvel (now Disney).
        However they won’t have any real say on the games.

        Activision – Spidey in games
        Sony – Spidey in movies
        Disney – Spidey everywhere but movies and games (and will get it back if activision/Sony don’t met their current requirements)

    • No, besides its still coming out on 360

  3. Tbf the spiderman games are rarely bad, the scale i use is ‘as good as spider-man 2’ and i can see this being on par.

    Thank god ps4s sold 7 million id be really really disappointed had it not come to ps4.

    Also the movie is fantastic

    • Saw it last night. Blew me away!

      • Where to?

      • It’s out everywhere now isn’t it? Released in time for the Bank holiday weekend I believe (more chance of making more revenue than it was already going to I guess).

        I have ‘persuaded’ the wife to take me to see it on Sunday (as I am super skint)!

      • Yeah massively enjoyable film

  4. Ive noticed for a while that, on the boxart for the ps4 version of this game, it says ‘only on PlayStation’…

    I can’t imagine that people will buy a console over a movie tie in…but who knows, stranger things happen.

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