The Walking Dead Season 2 Lands On PS Vita Next Week

If you’ve been holding off on The Walking Dead Season 2 because of not being able to play it while on the train, on the toilet or, thinking about it, while on a train toilet, then your wait is almost at an end!

Admittedly you could have gone and played the iOS release, but Laura Perusco, Community Lead at Telltale Games, has taken to the PlayStation Blog to announce that Season 2 will be arriving on the PS Vita as part of the store update next week. Both episodes 1 and 2 will be available at this time, so you’ll be able to get back up to speed in time for the episode 3, whenever that might release.


The only downside to all of this is that there’s no mention of Cross-Buy or Cross-Save and my understanding is that this is something that is not part of previous Telltale releases on PS Vita. This means that if you want to pick up your previous decisions from Season 1, you’ll need to do so on the same platform as you played that on.



  1. I’ll take it! No, wait… My Season 1 save is on PS3, never mind.

  2. A bit off topic here, but have TT mentioned whether there will be a full disc release later down the line for the PS3 version (the same as season 1)?

    Would much rather have something that I can play in one go (should I choose to!) & that I can trade in when I am done.

    • Should be eventually, they released BTTF at retail as well I heard.

  3. Do I have to re-download the original on Vita to get the file to work correctly. I got my save on PS+ cloud but deleted game as soon as I finished it.
    I think I’ll get it on Vita but I hope it’s better on it this time as it was awful on it but Ps3 version was OK. Here’s hoping they ain’t rushed Vita version again .

  4. How is season 2 so far? Is it full of glitches like season 1?

    • Funny, i heard about glitches on the PS3 and never had one! Nothing has happened so far on S2 for me yet.

  5. Hurry up Christmas, will pick up the whole series on ps3 when the sales come round, not falling for the episodic gimmick again.

    Still nothing really making want a Vita yet either, especially while storage is so limited and expensive

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