The Next Project Zero Game Is Set To Be A Wii U Exclusive

Project Zero, aka Fatal Frame, is a rather interesting gaming horror series where the main character has to use an object called the Camera Obscura to capture photos of spirits. The camera also acts as a weapon to fight the less than friendly, and photo shy, ghosts that haunt the various ruins that players explore. Now Tecmo Koei and Nintendo have announced that the latest entry to the series will be a Wii U exclusive.

Neither company has announced a release date, the name of the game, or whether it will be just a Japanese title or one that gets localised, but it’s happening. While Nintendo have been criticised for not working closely with third parties recently, this could be a really good capture for the company and a potential hit for the Wii U, especially with the use of the gamepad which will surely be the Camera Obscura with this game. Imagine using the gamepad as the camera not just pointed at your TV screen but around your house as well to capture spirits.


We may get more news of this at E3, in fact I’d expect at least a trailer, and a release date of 2015 to fill the rather bare release schedule the Wii U has.

Source: Gematsu via Famitsu



  1. These are great games, sort of The Ring meets Outlast for those who haven’t played them. I can imagine using the gamepad as the camera viewfinder would add to the pant wetting. I really hope they avoid gimmicky chasing of ghosts around your house though, the setting and atmosphere are what makes these games.

  2. Hmmm, im not sure how well this game fits with wii u games, i mean its not an amazing selling console and this doesnt seem to be in line with the wiis demographic (sorry to stereotype)

    • I believe the last one was on the old Wii, and was even marketed in the pamphlet that came with every game.

      No console should be limited to one form of game and a strict age group, it’s a bit like saying Mass Effect doesn’t fit on Xbox because it’s not TV or sports.

  3. I loved the 1st 2 Fatal frame games on Xbox (atmosphere was superb, espically when playing through Dolby 5.1 S.sound), but sadly never returned to finish the 2nd game, as it frustrated me a little too much that ghosts could attack from all angles yet you were often ‘boxed-in’ with little/no room to move/escape.

    Never bothered to pick up the 3rd game on PS2, showed little interest in the Wii version, so personally think whilst this is great news for Wii U owners, it’s really the sort of thing that i expected to hear planned months ago and cannot see doing that much to reverse fortunes of the hardware.Crying shame as Wii U is a superb platform, it just badly needs a lot more exclusive software.Mere dribs and drabs are’nt enough.

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