News Snatch: The Girl And The Robot, MGS V: Ground Zeroes & The Gamer Cat

Your eyes do not deceive you, this is the second Snatch in two days, mostly because a lot of patches and trailers have appeared in the last twenty-four hours, starting with a new video for PS Vita exclusive, Freedom Wars.

Staying with Vita we also have a Making of video for Mind Zero.

More Makings of, this time for Child of Light, a game that will be avoided by Trophy hunters as it has just one silver trophy and the rest are bronze.

A clever chap has remade Resident Evil 2 in the style of Resident Evil 4.


Killzone Shadow Fall was patched last night,  and you can find the full details here. One of the tweaks was to amened the number of objectives in some challenges, for example, the supply box challenges have been halved.

DC Universe Online is getting an update soon with the usual array of tweaks and fixes. On top of that, as of April 29th all PlayStation players will notice a new member benefit of 10% off on Marketplace purchases. This benefit will be ongoing, so your cash will always go just that little bit further.

Resogun becomes Resobun(ny). We have no idea what is going on here.

More update news, Battlefield 4 has now got the new servers they promised, to combat the rubber banding effect.

“We have invested in new hardware to resolve this issue and deployed new higher-performance servers this week,” said Karl Magnus Troedsson, DICE VP & GM.

Even more patch notes, this time for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, click here for full details.

This is my new favorite thing – The Gamer Cat. Check out more of the toons by tickling this link behind the ears.

The cunning games industry definition of the word “exclusive” has reared its head again, as the Xbox-exclusive Jamais Vu Raiden missions and PlayStation-exclusive Deja Vu missiona for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will be available on the opposing consoles as part of a free update.

An accolade laden trailer for the third episode of The Wolf Among Us.

Mark Zuckerberg requested a demo of Project Morpheus a week before he bought Oculus Rift. Checking out the competition, eh Mark?

Further business news, GameStop are to close between 120-130 stores and, erm, focus less on games.

Actual Game Stop.

Instead, the “3.0” version of the company (yes that is what CEO Paul Raines is calling it) will focus more on hardware such as smartphones and tablets.

A launch trailer for SoulCalibur: Lost Swords on PlayStation 3.

The Unreal Engine has been updated to version 4.1 which now includes full support for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Project Morpehus. The latter is very interesting as it means any Unreal Engine game could become a PS4 VR game, including Daylight, the survival horror game and Primal Carnage: Genesis.

Epic themselves have teased a new game but have said it may not be a traditional triple-A title.

Sony are being very clever. Someone in PlayStation HQ is keeping an eye on Kickstarter and if a game is fully funded and looks fun, they jump in with a bit of cash (and presumably a dev kit and some support) for the game to come to PS4/Vita. More games for the consoles for not-a-lotta cash.

The latest title to benefit is The Girl and the Robot, a game that required just $15,000 in funding.

“It seems like our game caught the attention of Sony and we managed to get a deal with them. We are happy to announce that GnR will be available on PS4!” explain a Kickstarter update.

Note that the footage above is from a very early build from six months ago, so don’t go moaning it looks a bit shonky before it’s finished!

“The plan” is to allow worlds created in the PS3 version of Minecraft to be transferrable to the PS4 version. There will also be news about any Cross-Buy and upgrade plans sometime nearer release.
The first fifteen minutes of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on Xbox 360.

The Destiny website has been updated with information about the game worlds, classes and some new screens.

And Finally, why watch the BBC for your local weather news when Doge can tell you instead? Wow.



  1. What are those collectables/supply boxes on Killzone, I haven’t seen any?

    Do they randomly drop and you have to collect them?

    • Same.
      It looks like something to do with online but unsure what. Haven’t actually bothered with online yet.

      • Yeah it’s online. I’ve seen my zero count but never seen one or seen a notification (if there are notifications for them) that they’ve “appeared”!

    • Collectables are big yellow crates you can shoot to get 2500 points. That’s about all they do, although there are challenges linked to finding them. They are utterly pointless tbh.

      To find one, go to a game that barely has any players, and then run in the opposite direction as everyone else when it starts. Then look. Everywhere.

      And then think “Sod this, it’s pointless” and go back to shooting people in the head.

      Supply boxes are almost as rare but are one of the abilities of the Support class. However as Ammo is in plentiful supply and you will almost certainly died before running out – and can pick up another gun if you do – pretty much no bugger plays as Support with them as the ability.

      You can cheat a bit on one of the Supply box challenges – go to the “ability boosting” Warzone and dont bother leaving the spawn aread. Shove down a Supply box and you should find someone else will do the same. Swap to each others boxes (fnar) and just sit there and resupply. Takes about 20 minutes of constantly hitting the resuuply button and putting down new boxes but you should be able to complete that challenge.

      However there is bugger all chance of you ever completing any of the other supply box challenges, as I said, no one uses them in the main warzones.

      • Cheers for the info Tuffcub, I think online “collectables” on a FPS is a bit daft, especially where there is a challenge related to it!

        Perhaps they could make the other supply boxes more useful to encourage people to use them.

        Might have a few games of KZ tonight now!

      • Yeah supply boxes are just useless atm. They need to whack the ammo down to low on all the official warzones to encourage their use.

  2. Doge is now my all time favourite local weather report.

  3. Amazing. Arguably my favourite Resident Evil done in the format of my favourite RE shooting mechanics. WANT!

  4. Aaaaand I’ve now read all the Gamercat strips. Day officially wasted. Damn cats on the Internet.

  5. Destiny is still alive then. Hopefully we’ll here alot more at e3.

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