Lucasfilm Declares That The Star Wars Expanded Universe Is Non Canon

Star Wars may just be the dominant franchise that towers over all others. Ever since Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope released almost forty years ago in 1977 the series’ popularity just hasn’t died down. In fact outside of the current six films there have been various books, games, comics and TV shows that have added to the lore of what makes up this series, known as the Expanded Universe. However, Lucasfilm has now come out and declared everything that isn’t one of the cinema releases or the Clone Wars TV show as non-canon, as in they do not belong in the official Star Wars lore.

This move includes the Star Wars: Force Unleashed games, Knights Of The Old Republic 1 & 2, The Old Republic, Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2, Star Wars Tie Fighter, X-Wing, Rebel Assault, Starfighter and Star Wars Galaxies. All of these stories that you may have had experience with over the last couple of decades no longer count as part of the canon. Going forward though any new games that will be produced, including the new Battlefront, will be canonised.


Lucasfilm’s President Kathleen Kennedy spoke about the move.

“We have an unprecedented slate of new Star Wars entertainment on the horizon. We’re set to bring Star Wars back to the big screen, and continue the adventure through games, books, comics, and new formats that are just emerging. This future of interconnected storytelling will allow fans to explore this galaxy in deeper ways than ever before.”

Anything that was part of the original Expanded Universe will have some influence on future releases, but stories won’t be directly implemented. The older titles will now have a Legends banner to differentiate between what is canon, and what is non-canon. So to recap, the films, Star Wars The Clone Wars and the upcoming Rebels TV shows, future books, and games will be canon. Everything else is not.




  1. It does make sense. They have a wonderful fictional universe to have fun with but they need to tread that careful line between fan service and pushing forward into new areas… knowing when to ignore the old guard, as such.

  2. Not particularly happy with this, and it certainly doesn’t help the new Lucasfilm/Disney appeal to existing fans of the franchise and the EU. Yes they probably had to do some spring cleaning as there’s been a lot of divisive and unusual material created over the years, but to scrap the whole lot from the canon is far too drastic in my opinion. The likes of the Thrawn trilogy and the first Force Unleashed game, as well as the KotOR lore should definitely been incorporated into official canon.

    • exactly. At least someone on here isn’t pretending like everything’s going to be ok.

  3. Rubbish! Decades of effort to make an amazing universe of hundreds of stories fit around those first three brilliant epic films have just been used to wipe the backsides of Disney executives and flushed down the corporate loo of arrogance! I’m happy to have grown up and adored the old Star Wars, Disney Wars can bugger right off.

  4. Their loss. In some respects the the books of the recent trilogy were better than the films (I-III) themselves, and KoTOR is just brilliantly written stories. Then there’s Jedi Knight, and the somewhat quirky but enjoyable tales after episode 6. Then Empire at War was brilliant too.

    To be honest I don’t really get what this announcement is saying. All the stuff that is now non-canon is, well, in the Star Wars canon to me. If none of it is to be continued, that really doesn’t bother me. This said, I still think it’s their loss because they won’t be able to make lots of classical references, and even tie up much of the old lore in to one story.

  5. They can shove the clone wars too.

  6. This is a bad move. They’re practically saying to fans “Look we can’t be arsed to make what we want to do fit in around all that so let’s just all ignore the effort that’s been done and all the money and time you’ve put into it.”
    And surely Shadows Of The Empire is too good not to be considered canon?

  7. To be fair i dont mind this at all, sometimes this kind of thing is needed as it tends to be alot of nonsense and shite have been produced that dilutes the whole universe. I for one would have been happy they add star wars 1-3 and clone wars to this. It kind of reminds me when ‘the new 52’ came to DC comics, thats not been too bad a thing (except it claiming John Constantine and doing away with Hellblazer)

    I remember the feeling when disney bought marvel it was ‘fuck’, which turned out to be unwarranted.

    Whereas when it bought Star wars it was ‘thank christ someone took it away from him (lucas)’

  8. THAT’S BULLSHIT! How can they call the damn old republic books non canon they reference damn Darth Bane in the damn Clone Wars TV show. I hope the company collapses. Like it wasn’t enough to destroy one generation’s childhood experience with Star Wars. I’m so mad I made this account to express how mad I am. 35 years of work down the drain. Thanks again. For nothing. They need to go home and rethink their lives now.

    • This pisses me off as well. To me, it’s as if Disney is telling me to fuck off, that my memories and experiences don’t matter compared to their dream. Well, Kathleen Kennedy, fuck you too. I hope you have a horrid life in the near future.

      • Wow. Calm down people – You do know what ‘fiction’ is right? In that it isn’t actually real?

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