Chariot Rolling On To PS4, Details Revealed By Frima Studio

Frima Studio has released new information about Chariot, which will be a co-op title where two players work together to guide a the wheeled vehicle through a series of underground tunnels. The game also be played solo and I assume the AI takes over to help traverse the levels. There will have physics based gameplay which will affect how the chariot reacts as it is pushed, pulled and hauled across the terrain.


The story of the game is about a princess and her fiancé who must transport the recently deceased king’s body to a burial site. However, the king’s ghost is still about and is bound to the chariot. He wants the pair to find him lots of riches in the caves on the journey so he can be buried with them. This means that the gameplay won’t just consist of guiding the chariot through the caves, but also working in a pair to liberate treasure from various spots that could be hard to reach.

It looks like a fun little title, and release period of some point in autumn has been suggested for Chariot.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Watching the trailer i presumed it was definitely a co-op only game so i’m intrigued to see some solo gameplay now, looks charming too.

    • Yeah, I’d be interested to see how it played solo as I don’t have any friends :(

  2. I thought that was paddington bear in the Blue hat at first!

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