Rumour: Project Beast Could Be Readying Its Claws For PS4

We’re only about 5 weeks away from the beginning of E3 and as is tradition for this time of year the rumour mill goes into overdrive. Today’s rumour consists of what could be a new title by From Software, which was recently bought out by Kadokawa, made in collaboration with Sony Japan Studio. The title’s current name is Project Beast, which could be the working title, actual title, or something someone made up along with a handful of screenshots.

The screenshots appear to show someone walking around a graveyard, as well as fighting some hellish beasts. According to the leaker there are shotguns and fireballs involved in combat. The pictures themselves aren’t all that clear in some cases, appearing blurry and dark, but I’ll let you judge whether this is a legitimate leak, or a very convincing fake. If this is real I’d expect details at Sony’s E3 conference, along with a tentative release date.

Source: NeoGAF



  1. Can’t believe E3 is only 5 weeks away. I remember watching E3 last year thinking ‘god that PS4 looks amazing. I want one’. How time flies
    There seems to be quite a few new IPs this generation. Good times

  2. Been keeping an eye on this via Neogaf, seems legit.

    It appears to be screens taken from a trailer, it looks From-ish, several so-called insiders claim it’s real and one has even been hinting at it for a year or something. With old posts reading (and I paraphrase due to my personal memory-limitations) “Demon’s Souls 2 will be a whole different beast”.

    So far there’s many things pointing at it being real, and only it’s 4chan origins hinting otherwise. But it has also leaked elsewhere.

    Expect E3 or Tokyo Gameshow reveal. Probably with the trailer these screens come From.

    • Oh, and the director of Demons Souls and Dark Souls 1, Hidetaka Miyazaki, wasn’t involved with Dark Souls 2 and has been working on a different project along with supposedly half of From Software (two teams).

  3. Blimey!-You can tell i’ve spent far too much time on Dark Souls 2 (125 HRS+, completed long ago, yet cannot stop playing..) totally missed this….


  4. comparing the credits of demon’s souls, dark souls and dark souls 2 it definitely seems like DaS2 was made by a from software ‘B’ team, made up of junior team members while the rest of the team worked on something else.

    Also don’t forget “Project Dark” was the working title of Dark Souls. Beast’s Souls anybody?

    Either way with it being a collaboration with sony japan you can bet it will be ps4 exclusive.

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