Toukiden Extreme Adds Three New Weapons

Toukiden is a nifty little game and one I have recently gone back to since reviewing it in February. In a nutshell, the Vita-exclusive takes a large helping of Monster Hunter and marinates it with one part Dynasty Warriors, one part Japanese mythology.

If there’s one thing that felt a little disappointing however, it was the lack of diversity within gameplay, characterised by a small roster of weapons.

Toukiden Extreme, a revised version of the original, looks to fix that issue. According to the latest Famitsu, players can expect halberd, rifle, and club variants to sneak their way into Tecmo Koei’s action RPG.

It’s a smart move to say the least. Another common criticism directed at Toukiden was its lack of original ideas, often coming across as a re-skinned Monster Hunter bootleg.

Weapons could be developer Omega Force’s way of switching things up. After all, the studio is renowned for spawning literally dozens of unique weapons for its popular Warriors series, ranging from bamboo scrolls, and totem poles, to canoes and tea towels.

Source: Siliconera

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  1. I don’t get the popularity of the dynasty warriors genre. I had to play through the one on the vita recently because my 3 yr old thought it was cool (but he doesn’t have the dexterity yet, so I have to play it), and its just dull. Yeah, there’s lots of big swishy battles, but its just a big button masher, with no real skill involved at all.. (Obviously, other opinions may vary).

    Also, please don’t say “switching things up”. Its a horrible Americanism and it makes my eyes bleed everytime I read it.

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