Driveclub PS Plus Edition Will Have Eleven Cars & Ten Tracks (Updated)

Sony has revealed what the PlayStation Plus edition of Driveclub will have when it launches in Octobers. Subscribers will be treated to the location of India, which itself will have eleven tracks. There will also be ten cars available to choose from, though which ones are yet to be announced. All game modes will be available from the start so you don’t have to worry about any cut content there.

This selection is a fifth of what the full game has where there are five locations, 50 cars, and 55 tracks. Even without upgrading you will be able to join a club, complete challenges, race online, and get the Platinum trophy. You’ll be able to upgrade to the full version of the game through the store for the price of  €49.99/$49.99/£42.99.


It appears that if you do upgrade the PS+ version for the above price, and then let your subscription run out you will lose access to Driveclub, though it will still be on your PS4. That is not a good practice at all and it also goes against what Evolution said, which was that PS+ would not be needed if you the Plus version was upgraded digitally. Hopefully this is just a confused message coming from the Blog staff, and the original stance is true.

Source: PS Blog


  1. 42.99. I was expecting cheaper. Not sure why.

    • For some reason I was expect it to be half price to upgrade.

      • Yeah, I definitely won’t be upgrading at that price. I’ll be waiting for an offer if at all

      • But isn’t £43 roughly 4/5 of full RRP?? :) To me it seems weird that you can get the Plat with only 1/5 of the game! Why then would you upgrade if you’re just a trophy whore??

      • you wouldnt upgrade if your only wanting trophies, however i get a feeling any and potentially all dlc will require a full version of the game instead of the psplus version

      • It’s the DLC that’ll crunch this. It’ll get confusing. How will it work?

    • Same, I was hoping for £10, £20 at the extreme most.

      Previously I disagreed with people that said this is just a demo, now I’m not so sure.

      Also I remember them assuring us that it would be yours to keep forever if you DO upgrade it via the store.

      It will probably turn out to actually be cheaper to buy the disc version, which just seems weird.

  2. And if you give up PS+ you lose access to your upgrade!

    • Yep. That will create a few complaints.

    • I don’t think that is the case. Once you upgrade, you’d get the full game license with no Plus entaglements. So you can abandon PS+ to your hearts content, and not lose Drive Club.

      • Just read the blog post which has more information than TSA provided here. People will indeed need access to PS+ if they want to play the upgraded version. Another mess up from Sony. How many other racers are releasing that time of the year…

    • You’ll need PS+ to play online anyway, which is what Driveclub is almost entirely based around, so I don’t see that as a big problem in fairness

      • Having said that, I just read this reply from the developer on the PS Blog, “Yup, there is a host of offline content for you to get stuck into.”
        I didn’t expect this game to have much in the way of offline play but it seems it does and it certainly is bad to lose access to that if you have paid a premium for it!

  3. Sounds a lot like a glorified demo to me, although that’s good as lots of people will be able to give it a decent try and then decide if it’s for them or not.

    I’m also guessing that this works like any other PS+ game; once your subscription ends, you won’t be able to play it anymore? Will the unlock mean that it counts as a regular game in your library? Otherwise you could end up with a game you’ve spent £43 on that you can’t play if you stop your PS+.

  4. Woav Sony botched that one. An upgrade £42.99, which only works while your PS+ sub is running? What a joke! I wouldn’t be surprised if you can find full game from £42.99, from an online retailer.

    I doubt many people will upgrade for that price. They end up playing the PS+ edition only and if they really want the full edition, when they are done with the free content, it should be possible to find it for 30£.

    • Maybe ‘losing’ access if your Plus subscription lapses is because you need Plus generally for online multiplayer and the social-ness of the game means it’s all multiplayer? Hopefully this is just a wording cockup rather than a bit of a ripoff in the making, and presumably the games save will work across retail and Plus versions of the game anyway.

      • To be honest, I think somebody at Sony are trying to see how much further they can push PS+. PS+ is loved because of it’s great value, specially on PS3 and Vita. On PS4 the value is a bit more questionable, but people have accepted it, because of the free smaller game each month and the promise for better multiplayer service, and because you are getting less on Live Gold. Now Sony are trying to see, how much can they puss PS+.

        Judging from the PS blog article, where replies from DEV and SCEE, has gone from 50 to 13 very fast, they know they fucked up. Question off course now, is if they will do something about it.

  5. I guess if they hadn’t gone with the ps+ version, and instead offered a ps+ discount on the full game at launch it would have worked out about the same.

    I’m quite keen now to see what the India tracks look like, so far i’ve only seen tarmac surfaces but i hope Drive Club also has some looser surfaces on which to throw the cars around.

  6. Maybe that’s the reason for the delay – Evolution Studios wanted it looking, and playing, brilliant Plus’ers will be so impressed they buy the upgrade.

  7. I bet the full game will be cheaper than that in shops anyway. Still extortionate digital prices.

  8. Everyone complaining about the paid upgrade still being tied to your PS+ subscription – this is not a sudden change, there is a post on the PS Blog from last August saying the same ( )

    Personally I’m more miffed at the change from “it will be missing a few cars and tracks” to “it’ll be missing 90% of the content”!

    • Well, 80% but my point still stands ;)

  9. I can see that they’ve tried to cover their arses with the free plus version by making the platinum trophy attainable but 11 cars and 10 tracks will involve too much repetition and make an upgrade very tempting.
    Tempting I say until you realise that you’d be paying more or less full game price,
    cheeky fuckers!
    That said, everything here is based on the assumption that this’ll be a top draw racer with interest, hope it delivers!

  10. I predict that by the time you’ve played the PS+ edition to death (or at least fancy trying something new in the game) you’ll be able to pick up the disc version for next to nothing… So the £43 upgrade/loss of access becomes a moot point. Can see this bombing big time though despite how pretty it may look.

    • That’s a good point about the disc version coming down in price after a while.

      Consider though, if you will, that this game might be a significant loss leader with an eye on the longer term goal of gaining further strides in console sales. Sure, Sony may make a chunk of money through game sales and DLC but advertising what essentially will be a free next-gen racer with social integration and Sony are on to a winner… if the game plays nicely.

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