The Stomping Land Greenlit, Coming To Steam Later This Month

Having been Greenlit by the Steam Community, The Stomping Land is an ambitious spin on the emerging survival genre.

The game, developed by SuperCrit, was successfully backed through Kickstarter after raising $114,060, almost six times the original goal.


Similar to games such as Rust and DayZ, The Stomping Ground will throw players into a perilous environment where they can either band together or go it alone.

The game world is populated by a number of different dinosaur species. The smaller varieties can be stalked and killed, though the developers make it clear that larger ones are impervious to player attacks.

To bring them down, hunters will need to craft traps, track footprints and lure dinos into savaging one another, swooping in after to collect meat. This is the game’s main resource and if you don’t fancy foraging for it yourself, you can always steal it from other tribes.

Those who backed The Stomping Land will get access on may 23rd with regular punters having to wait until the 30th when it hits Early Access. It’s currently priced at $24.99.


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  1. Bloody awesome! I was, just two weeks ago, asking the usual TSA folk why we didn’t see more alternatives to the usual zombie inclusion. I suggested other creates and dinosaurs were one of them. I’ll take a look at the clip (above) straight away. I really feel like someone will nail this emerging apocalyptic/survival MMO-style genre soon as so many people are giving development a go.

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