New Unreal Tournament Has Been Confirmed, Will Be Totally Free

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Epic Games are currently streaming a talk where a new Unreal Tournament has been confirmed, using Unreal Engine 4 and it will be free. Not free to play, or pay to win but totally free. The game start development from today and as it moves forward from Alpha to full release players will not be charged for the experience. It has been confirmed for PC, Mac and Linux, while a version for Xbox One and PS4 have not been mentioned at all.


Epic wants to work with community to help build levels, weapons and mods. The developers will be interacting on the forums with everyone who wants to get involved and working through ideas. Developers that do decide to create content for the new Unreal Tournament can decide to give their stuff away for free or charge for it through a dedicated marketplace. If you want to get involved you need to go to the forums and create an account. You can then download the code and content for UE4 from Github.

Source: Twitch/Unreal Tournament Forum/Unreal Wiki



  1. So gutted, UT3 was easily the best FPS game last gen for me. Was really hoping this would release on consoles.

    • They’re only starting development now.

      They’ll probably port it once it’s an actual full game, but Unreal Tournament has always been a mainly PC franchise.

      I can’t wait for it now (and UT3 was my favourite PS3 shooter too).

  2. I wasnt a fan of last one, interestingly what will they get if nobody pays anything? Will it be full of ads?

    • In a way, it is an advert itself, for their new engine, UE4.

    • They’re going to open a mod store.

      Users can use UE4 to make mods for the game and sell them if they want- they’ll make money when people get UE4, and when they sell the mods they get a cut.

      Apparently those are the only ways Epic plans to make money from the title. Unreal Tournament always was a showcase for the engine I suppose.

  3. I loved UT3 on PS3. Loved it. Holding out for a PS4 version, especially with the way Sony are embracing F2P on console…

  4. Been a fan of all the Unreal Tournaments, this sounds like an interesting experiment. But what I really want is a combination of UT2004 and UT3, multiplayer only title for PS4. With support for four player split screen awesomeness. How dope would that be?

  5. *prays for Strike Force Mod*

    I really hope it’s an accurate recreation of the UT99 and 2k4 playstyle, as they represented (imo) the purest form of the PC arena shooter.

    So many hours were sunk into those games.

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