Borderlands 2 Vita Releasing On 28th Of May In Europe

Although Borderlands 2 will be landing on Vita in the US next week standalone, and can already be purchased as part of the new PS Vita Slim bundle, the EU date was still up in the air. Now, Sony have confirmed that the game will be landing on the system in Europe on the 28th of May.

From what we’ve heard, the game doesn’t sound too promising. It runs at around 30fps, and has naturally had quite a graphical downgrade compared to its console counterparts.

It’ll feature cross-compatible saves with the PS3 version, but according to ShackNews those won’t go live until the 13th, and furthermore, one of the biggest features – the co-operative – will only support up to two players.


  1. From what I’ve heard, providing you accept you won’t be getting a PS3-level port, BL2 on Vita is pretty decent. The visuals are solid, the frame rate only seems to dip during the more intensive sections and, hell, its Borderlands on the go! At £20 a copy, I will gladly pick it up :)

    • Have to agree here. It’s borderlands 2, innit, and on the vita! Already preordered 3 copies (and yes, I know it’s only 2 player co-op, but that’s a minor nuisance).

  2. I read the recent reports as pretty positive, a NFS Most Wanted type of scale back… Ordered any way so shall soon see. Are there any other AAA Vita games due? Could this be the last?

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