News Snatch: Alien Isolation, Watch Dogs And Deep Down

Greetings one and all, time for another round up of news, nothing particularly ground breaking today so we start with a new trailer for Watch Dogs which highlights Aiden’s friends, his enemies and some that “blur the line.”

I hope that does not mean Robin Thicke is going to make an appearance.


Because Doge is awesome.

Gameplay footage from Sniper Elite 3, featuring a lot of gruesome kill cams with body parts flying all over the shop.

Two new screens from Capcom’s free to play dungeon brawler, Deep Down. There’s still no word on a western release for this game, but maybe we will hear something at E3.

There are vague rumours that God of War: Ascension may be getting a spit and polish and coming to PlayStation 4, just like The Last of Us is.

Plenty more games coming to PS Vita, Shahid Ahmad tweets, “On the future of Vita games: My team alone has over 60 in the pipeline and we’re committed to dozens more with no end in sight.”

A trailer for Van Helsing 2 on PC, I didn’t know there was a Ven Helsing 1, to be honest.

And now the unwelcome return of…

Assassin’s Creed Creator “Working On” Having Something To Show Soon

Everything about that headline makes me want to punch kittens. It’s quite possibly the most useless news item ever posted on the internet, and that includes everything about Katie Price divorcing he latest husband.

Rez Creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi Wants To Start A New Game This Year Or Next

Does he? Well when he has an actual game with some screenshots then write about them. A bloke having vague idea for game is not news, so whoever wrote that needs to be thrashed with willow twigs.

A trailer for the animated movie based on the games of the comic book character.

Today’s TeeFury is quite amusing.

How to make a swamp, courtesy of those lovely chaps from Titanfall.

More making of videos, this time for Alien: Isolation.

That’s one CoD I’d like to play!

And Finally, the end credits to Knack are rather special. Have a nice weekend one and all, and see you next week.


  1. Why does Doge have human hands instead of paws?

  2. Nice thing to hear about the Vita. Hopefully the AAA:Indie ratio on that figure isn’t 1:59.

    Knack ending credits were very entertaining. Motion capture at its best.

  3. Ticking all the boxes in Watch Dogs then, lol!

    • Aye, Watchdogs is creeping up my list of games grabbing my attention. I think I might place a cheeky little pre-order over the weekend.

      • Pre-ordered for PC for £20 :)
        It was one of the few PS4 games I was looking forward to, but would be daft not to buy it on pc at that price instead!
        Can’t wait :D

      • Where abouts did you get it for £20?! Amazon, ShopTo etc all have it for £35-40


        If you like their facebook page you get 5% (massive I know) off that price too. I have used them for BF4, Diablo Reaper of Souls and Thief and they delivered everytime, so worth a look :)

      • Cheers! :)

    • I meant ticking all the boxes in terms of ‘diversity’.

  4. Love the Knack end credits. Funkeeeeee!

  5. Cancelled my watch dogs order. That trailer is good, but I think I’ll wait until I’ve caught up on my backlog, unless I can locate a cheap deduce edition :D

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