Rumour: Titanfall “Up And Running” On PlayStation 4, Could It Ever Be Released?

A tipster with a fairly solid track record has suggested that Titanfall is up and running on PlayStation 4 and is about to go multiplatform.

The exact nature of EA’s deal with Microsoft is somewhat of a mystery and even took Respawn by surprise, they found out about the deal late into production. I would expect that Respawn had at least started on a PS4 version before the exclusivity deal was in place so there is no reason why they could not continue development on that build.

However, Microsoft paid for exclusivity, and no doubt paid a very large amount of money for it, so how could the game come to PlayStation 4? I doubt they would got for a timed exclusive with a game this big so what other option could there be?

EA want to make money, that is a fact, and they would only agree to an exclusivity deal if the lump sum from Microsoft plus sales of the game on the Xbox consoles would at least equal the sums of cash generated if the game was multiplatform. Xbox One is now trailing behind PlayStation 4 by roughly two million units and sales of Titanfall have been great, but not fantastic.

Now this is pure speculation on my part, but if I were EA I would have had a clause built in to exclusivity contract which states that at least X amount of units must be sold on the Xbox formats to guarantee a profit on the game. If that number is not reached, EA would be able to activate the clause which allows them to release the game six months later on PlayStation, perhaps at the expense of paying back some of the Microsoft money.

That way if the Xbox sales don’t add up, EA can still make a profit, it’s a win-win situation for the company. Microsoft would have a hard time disagreeing to such a clause because they want to appear to be the best selling console. If they did not agree to the clause then it would have suggested they were uncertain about the sales of Xbox One and EA would have chucked the deal in the bin.

As I said, that is complete speculation on my part but if I were broking the deal, that’s what I would have done.

“Sony also used it’s own metrics in a meeting with EA last week and showed them what they would have sold on the PS3 and PS4,” said another noted tipster last month. “The money EA took from MS doesn’t even begin to cover it. The EA guys went over the math and agreed.”

Titanfall is almost certainly up and running on PlayStation 4, whether or not it gets released will be a matter for the lawyers and accountants.

Source: Twitter / NEOGaf




  1. Sounds plausible, especially the losses of sales vs $$ from microsoft. It could however also mean that TF2 will release multi-plat and this is just the full engine that’s up and running. Tested with TF1 content.

    • Respawn has already stated that Titanfall 2 will be on the PS4. Of course, a new Microsoft deal could change this. After all, they (Respawn) didn’t even know they were MS exclusive until it was announced.

    • It will probably be like Mass Effect, where the first didn’t release on PS3 until some time after ME2.

    • I’m thinking that there must have been a performance guarantee in the exclusivity deal that wasn’t met. Microsoft looked at the 360 numbers and said, “Sure, we can easily hit that number of sales for the Xbox One.” When it didn’t happen, the exclusivity clause died… at least for the PS4.

  2. Wonder what made EA change their mind to make it exclusive.

    Maybe it was all that DRM talk MS was talking that made EA thing Ching Ching baby

    • Good thing the gamers stepped up ! :D

  3. Alas,the war is entering it’s second stage. The cards have been shown and now the battle commences.

    If this deal is true then it means exclusivity deals will fail in face of console sales and Sony will sort of enter a winning devil’s cycle, feeding on it’s own success.

  4. EA were definitely on board with the MS DRM thing, I don’t think it was a coincidence that they cancelled their on line pass thing. I also think they expected the XB1 (and TF) to sell much better…

    I think any get-out compensation that EA have to pay to MS will easily be offset by that potential PS4 sales figure…

  5. Wow, this would be a huge blow for Microsoft, losing their exclusive flagship title that they claimed would be such a system seller.

    • It’s always struck me as odd that Microsoft touted Titanfall as such a big thing for the XBox One, then released it on other platforms, surely if they were so confident in the game they would’ve limited it to just the new console? Given that it’s not exclusive in the traditional sense I can’t see the harm to XBox One sales if the PS4 got it after the all important Christmas rush. Microsoft will probably have a new exclusive to whip up excitement over by then and all will be back to normal :)

  6. One if not the only reason I normally own both consoles is down to exclusivity,you know halo,gears if war,infamous,God of war …you know what I mean.
    So far I hevent bit and bought the xbone..titan fall would if been my reason to go balls deep into Microsoft territory again.
    If true and titan fall 2 is multiplatform.then sorry its Sony all the way

  7. I’m not surprised it’s up and running on PS4 but i would be surprised if it went multiplatform so soon.

  8. Makes you wonder if they could do a Titanfall 1.5 or “game of the year” edition and maybe beat the exclusivity that way?

    But to be honest, from the opinions I’ve seen on this game on the X1, I wouldn’t be running out to buy the PS4 version

  9. Now can we make Sunset Overdrive multiplatform? That’s a game I REALLY want but I’m not gonna buy a console for one game (Titanfall is on PC as well so if I wanted it, I’d get it there).

  10. Fingers crossed, I am dying to play Titanfall but never will if it doesn’t become multiplatform!

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