What We Played #156: Final Fantasy XIV, Mario Kart 8 & Wolfenstein

Exams are a bit of a thing among our younger writers again at the moment. Studying for what he hopes will be his last ever exam has prevented Blair from playing much other than passing the 40-hour mark in Mario Kart 8 and playing a bit of Thomas Was Alone.

DanToo’s our other revisionist with an upcoming five tests of his game-addled brain. Because a disturbed mental state is vital to effective revision he’s been playing Outlast: Whistleblower “which is even more terrifying than the original game. It’s absolutely horrible to play, but [he loves] it at the same time.”

Aside from that there was some of the “pretty good” Bound By Flame which he holds to be better than some reviews have given it credit for and a few matches of Call of Duty: Ghosts which has firmly supplanted Battlefield 4 as his FPS of choice.


By the time you’ve read the first syllable of Killzone: Shadow Fall you’ll know we’re now onto Tuffcub’s gaming exploits and filling out his other joypad-enabled entertainment are Battlefield 4 (maybe he should try CoD: Ghosts?) and some Sonic All Star Racing on his PlayStation Vita.

Aran has been pulling strings on the basketball court while simultaneously collecting heads:

I really liked Puppeteer and it’s made me want to go to the theatre more. The production was great, the story was fun and it was well acted. There could have been more done with the changing heads part of the game, but other than that it is something I recommend. I also played NBA 2K14 and managed to score 50 points in a game, where I also beat the Lakers. Kobe Bryant had nothing on me.

“There’s some great fun to be had”, says Stefan of his time playing Saints Row IV co-op with Bunimomike, “and some of those superpowers are pretty more-ish.” Sometimes though he finds the game beginning to get too repetitive “but who cares, when you can mess around with something as finely crafted as the dubstep gun”.

Like a little TC-in-training Dom is finally getting into Killzone: Shadow Fall “which looks amazing, and plays really well too!” Welcome to the world of 2013 Dom! Further enjoyment has been delivered by Final Fantasy XIV and X HD “as well as some Trials Fusion and Need For Speed Rivals“.

And closing out this week’s edition is Peter who’s been playing some Wolfenstein but refuses to relate his experiences that presumably involve shooting Nazis until Tuesday. But he has communicated the shocking revalation the MLB 14 on PS4 “is prettier” than its PS3 incarnation. In slightly more exciting news of things still to come he did add that he’s…

…played an interesting game of “monitoring airlines and spending loads of money” because this week, I booked the flights for the three TSA team members who are on our way to E3 next month. Terribly exciting!

And with that it’s over to you.



  1. Aye same here with the exams. Not played much except GT6 and TloU multiplayer. I think Heedbaw might be posting on the forums with the tense Roma race we had on Monday.

    Then I’m up to week 10 on TLoU, but the mixture of good and bad games are making it tense. I don’t think there is a 100% guarantee either way of me making it to week 12 and getting the trophy.

  2. On holiday this week but very little gaming done as I’m moving house. Managed to finish Half Life 2 Episode 1, played Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and I’ve started Muramasa: Rebirth. Not very far into it yet but its really fun, with a fast levelling system, a great art style and sometimes hilarious dialogue. If you play it beware of muff diving monks.

  3. More Trials. Managed to get a few more platinum medals for some of the hard tracks and completed a few more challenges.
    Also been playing WRC4 on PS3, currently working through career (finished WRC3 and WRC2 sections, just signed with a WRC team).
    I’ve also started playing Oblivion as I never played it when it came out and In recently picked up the GOTY edition very cheaply.
    Bought MLB 14 on PS4 late last night and had a quick game earlier on.
    When not playing those I’ve been playing lots of Mario Golf on 3DS.

  4. Not played a huge amount this week, but what I have has been split between inFamous 2 and Ghosts.

  5. Well last night/this morning I picked up my second Platinum in as many weeks with Infamous Second Son,final got round to finishing it off and thoroughly enjoyed it,picked up King Oddball but bought it on vita as it was £3 odd for both Vita and PS4 versions where as it was £5 odd for both from PS4’s store so played a bit of that,also bought TxK and had a dabble on that and Pre-ordered Wolfenstein which was despatched this morning.

    • Oh and bought MLB 14 wednesday for PS4 had a quick game but its still only half installed with our now Fibreless broadband and the 40GB file size :( but seems rather nice and I know nothing of baseball (except it’s basically rounders) :D

      • I bought MLB too but I got it on disk imported. Of you don’t want to wait for more downloads in it don’t download the latest kits players things like that. I’ve got very fast BB bit it still took me 1 hour and 30 mind to download. It’s monstrous.

      • Cheers for the heads up Divid if it’s possible to play while it downloads I’ll probably download it,heck I’m a stickler for having to have games up to date so I’ll most likely suffer the download lol.

      • No problem. It’s not possible to play while it downloads. It’s very annoying.

  6. Finally, after 7 weeks and 170hrs, bagged the platinum for FFX HD this week. Thoroughly enjoyed it too! Once I got started all the memories came flooding back. Easily one of my all time favourite games :-)

    Been dabbling with a few other games since, trying to find my next game before I give X-2 a crack… Namely Payday 2, Puppeteer, and Sly: Thieves in Time. Sly seems to be the winner at the mo…

    I’ve also made a start on episode 3 of The Walking Dead season 2 too – very engrossing so far :-)

  7. This week I bagged the platinum fir South Park Stick of Truth, which is one of the most fun games I’ve played in ages!!
    I’m also close to the platinum on Amazing Spider-man 2, I’ll get that finished tomorrow,and then I’m not sure what to play/buy next.

    • Is it the grind of levelling up the 13 suits on Spidey I was so glad when it was over lol,congrats on the plat also and the future plat lol ;)

      • Yes it is! So long and unnecessary! It wouldn’t be so bad if there was a bit of variety to the side missions. Still I’ve enjoyed it as a whole :)

      • Indeed it’s so tedious i maxed what i thought was the final suit but found i had one missing was gutted,I noticed one of the races had reappeared even though i had done all 15 races and got the trophy,did that race it unlocked the suit maxed it out grabbed the plat.

  8. I played and platted the super hard Megamind and I’m on last episode of back to the future on disk. Like pixel nme I’ve got MLB the show now. I’m really looking forward to MK8 though too.

    • Congrats on that super hard Megamind platinum Divid,and congrats everyone else on there achievements this week.

      • Haha it is a very simple plat really and doesn’t take very long ;-)

  9. Been playing GoW collection on vita, already plat the first one, challenge of the Gods has to be the most patience testing mother of all mothers challenge.

    About to finish off GoW2 then borderlands/watch dogs not long left. Tried bound by flames, it’s a decent game, clunky but the combat good enough to keep you going

  10. Minecraft .. i can quit anytime i swear .. :/

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