Master Chief Could Be Reliving Some Tales As Halo Collection Rumoured For Xbox One

HD remakes are no longer a new thing, though ports of popular last gen games to the PS4 and Xbox One are in their infancy. We’ve already seen Tomb Raider make the jump, with The Last Of Us PS4 coming soon, and 4A’s Metro games getting a next gen touch up. Now a new rumour thanks to the unknown sources of Engadget have Master Chief’s conquests pegged for release on Xbox One, with a collection featuring Halos one, two, three and four apparently in development. However neither Reach or ODST are to be included.

There’s been rumours for a little while the Halo 2 would be getting an anniversary edition, as it has been ten years since that released on the original Xbox, and an E3 unveiling would be expected. However, having all four titles featuring Master Chief appear on the One before the release of Halo 5 may be a smart move, bringing in new fans and playing on the nostalgia of older fans. It’d also help recap the story so far of his exploits and set up the new entry to the series.

It’s unlikely Microsoft will comment on this, though if true it may be the big finish for the company’s E3 conference.

Source: Engadget



  1. Ya know, I was just sitting here thinking that the new generation of consoles don’t have enough remakes of games from the last few generations…

    • Almost as if they’re running out of ideas…

      • Or cottoned onto how much of a money spinner this is…

  2. Would like this to be true, only played the first 2. A bundle for a reasonable price would be good.

  3. A collection like this, with all four mainline entries given a new lick of paint, would be enough to sell me an Xbox One this year. Without it, I’ll probably wait till next year when there’s a nice little library and Halo 5.

  4. I’ll say this for both sides of the console war…

    No ta.

    I don’t mind the odd HD remastering, but this gen seems to be every flippin title. Don’t want to be spending all my money on titles I’ve already played!

  5. Desperate times call for desperate measures…

    I never really liked halo. The second one was really bad. American media told American gamers to love it.

    • You’re a miserable so & so aren’t you!

    • Did Microsoft run over your sister or sleep with your dog or something?

  6. I’ve never understood the appeal of Halo to be honest, there’s obviously a panic button in a Microsoft board room which says “In case of emergency, press for Cash Cow…”

    • For me it’s the local co-op, you can have some great fun there even just messing about for ages in the same area. Half the fun is not doing what the game wants you to. Then there’s the cool universe, architecture and design. The music is usually pretty great too, although 4 was a bit forgettable.

  7. This does seem like a tactic of ‘we are kind of flopping a little here, quick pump out some of dat Halo nostalgia’. But meh, they are good games, given a little lick of new paint they should be even better.

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