Destiny Supports 12 Network Players On PS3, Outputs at 1080p on PS4

Destiny has always been billed as an MMO, RPG and FPS hybrid, so it would be expected that worlds could hold many players, allowing for massive multiplayer action. While that may still be the case for the next generation versions, a pre-order on the US PlayStation Store for the PS3 version shows that the game supports 2-12 players.



Now, that doesn’t seem a lot for a “massively multiplayer” game, and while it could be the maximum for Player vs. Player modes, it’s odd that other games – such as Call of Duty Ghosts – show the maximum of 18 players despite many of the main modes only supporting 12.

While it runs at 720p on PS3, as seems to be standard for most last generation games, particularly those which also appear on the new generation consoles, the PS4 listing does show that the game “outputs” at 1080p. Whether that’s upscaled or native is another question entirely, and one which we’ll likely have to wait until closer to launch to find out.

And then of course these could all just be typos or errors on Sony’s part – just last week, they said that Watch Dogs would run at 1080p and 60fps on their official site, before soon taking it down, leaving Ubisoft to reveal that the game would in fact only manage 900p and 30fps.



  1. The average resolution for PS3 games is actually sub-HD, many games are below 720p and upscale to it. I hope this does render at proper 720p on PS3.

    The output thing is not really worth paying attention to, many PS3 games SUPPORT a 1080p output, but that means nothing for the actual resolution. It’s only there because they have to print information on output on the box due to TV/Switch/Amplifier-compatibility.

    Destiny will apparently last for a very long time, according to their 10-year plan, so I wonder if the technicalities will be subject to change over time. Like how WoW has slowly gotten significantly better graphics. Because if they don’t then the game may grow dated. Because of this I think 60FPS would be a smart move as at least it’ll always have that. But if there’s cross-platform play then I can see it being 30FPS for parity with last-gen systems.

    • Destiny as a franchise will last a long time, but ithink their plan is to have a new game out in the next 2 years, now they’ve got the base sorted.

      • The way I’ve understood it, and I may be off base, is that they’ll expand upon the game with new releases. Not create seperate entries. I don’t really care either or, but it would make it stand out as something different.

        I guess E3 will bring clarity on the matter.

      • No I understood it as the same, keeping in the same universe with future games. Without a subscription, that’s the only way they’ll recoup all the $500 million they’re putting into it.

  2. I’m not bothered about any resolution and framerate claims, I’m more interested in the impact of the “2-12 players” claim.
    A recent video by Bungie claimed you could come across other players as you explore the world and choose whether to join them or not. Maybe the 12 player cap is on actual gameplay instances, perhaps, or a limit to how many players can “phase” together in your specific open world (a bit like how Journey seamlessly puts people together transparently).

    I’m sure more accurate information will come to light as we approach September, we’ve seen several instances of dodgy PR info of late :)

    • Yeah, I’m sure that in previous snippets they mentioned fireteams coming together (can’t remember if they mentioned a number) so I imagine 4 fireteams of 3 people in public events/areas and versus modes are what the 12 is referring to.

      And definitely believe that the Journey style phasing (which I also refer to as bubbles) will be going on.

      • Pretty sure I heard that it was going to be instances with full MMO style going on in the hub area.

        I feel I would prefer the Journey style, even though I didn’t play it. It would give people more flexibility adding people in when you’re in similar places and similar points in the missions, while finding people who would match your play style.

  3. I can’t wait for E3 so that all this speculation is out the way. Give us the details.

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