SingStar: Ultimate Party Drops The Mic As It Heads To PS4

Sony has confirmed that SingStar: Ultimate Party is coming to PS4, ten years after the series made its debut on the PS2. It also appears that the new game won’t need microphones, with a companion app that turns your phone into one instead. This in turns remove the limit for the amount of people that can play at the same time. SingStar: Ultimate Party will be a compilation disc with 30 tracks, though it’s not been made clear what ones will be on the playlist.

The PS4 version of the game will also make use of the camera, allowing you to turn your room into a set and also allow the donning of virtual masks representing famous singers, which sounds a little creepy. The game will also be coming to PS3 and you’ll be able to download tracks from the SingStar store, with the individual prices being £1.15/$1.49/€1.39, while song packs featuring five tracks cost £5.35/$5.99/€6.49. The new game itself is getting a rather low starting RRP of €29.99.

Sony has also announced that there will be special SingStar promotions throughout the year to celebrate the ten years of the series’ existence, in which time 26 million copies of the SingStar titles have sold.

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  1. Smart stuff there. But why not go all out and target the casual market by making the game free and giving different buy in option. Eg 5snots for 48hrs access or summat. I’ve no interest in paying 30 for the game but could see it getting pulled out at a party some nights for the s’n’gs if this were the case.

    • EG reported that there will be a free download version with 10 short demo songs. Additional songs can then be added from the store.

      Apparently as well as phones the legacy singstar mics can be used, or even the ps camera mic.

    • good lord no please. A lot of us do enjoy Singstar and do it regularly. I don’t want to get into subscription pricing. If you want to pay $3 for 2 hours you can do that on [The Karaoke Channel] over on the Xbox. There’s no way the subscription model works unless Singstar gets a ton more songs and there’s no way they get a ton more songs without dropping things like the actual recordings and actual music videos.

      For me this is one of the reasons I like Singstar why it’s always a hit at parties. Not to mention that I’m always down to bring it out to a party and I can’t do that with subscription model because it’ll mean you need internet access.

      On the other hand I gladly spend $30 ($20 if I’m patient.. and I’m very patient) for a selection of usually 30 songs plus a few medleys that I never have to worry about playing anytime anywhere. It may sound counter productive but people are always more willing to do Singstar in part because of it’s competitive nature (being scored as opposed to just singing to sing) and because I can if they wish tune down their mic and increase the original recording. Seeing the video is a huge attracter when I start a song to see if anyone is interested.

      There’s a lot of things I wish they would borrow from DefJam Rapstar but they don’t need to borrow that subscription model form anyone. One time payments please.

  2. “special SingStar promotions”… so are they going to shove it in our faces like they did with singstar on the PS3?… Damn, I hate that icon so much that always have a disk in my PS3 to not get it in my face everytime that I boot the console.
    And yes, I had somewhat of a bad day.

  3. This actually makes me 100% more inclined to purchase a game like this.

  4. Damn.

    That is a genuinely great use of a smartphone/console connection.

    Easily the best innovation to come out of that so far.

    Singstar isn’t my type of game, but I’m impressed- if it actually works as well as a dedicated mic anyway.

    Although I think a part of the experience may be lost by singing into your phone instead of a mic- maybe Sony should release an optional mic for those who want a better experience.

    • It’ll support the existing wired and wireless Singstar mics if you already own them.

    • >Although I think a part of the experience may be lost by singing into your phone instead of a mic- maybe Sony should release an optional mic for those who want a better experience.

      I certainly hope they do.

  5. According to this post the NA release will be a free download while the release in Europe is disc based. There was also a note about the existing library being supported along with existing PS3 mics.

  6. I wonder if they’ll stick the demo link on everyone’s dash like the ps3 version.

    • Over on the PlayStation blog they confirmed that this won’t be the case for the PS4.

  7. I yet hope the songs I’ve bought transfer over. The kids love Singstar and it’s a bit of fun when friends are over after a drink or two. No doubt I’ll buy it.

    • I suspect (completely unconfirmed) that only some of the songs will transfer. Maybe most if we’re lucky. They’re very hesitant to say “all” though.

  8. Lets hope we dont get a forced icon for it on the PS4 interface ;)

  9. I want PS4 Buzz with a phone app!!

    • Yes. This. So much!

    • That is a really good idea.

    • i’ll cosign that .. though i did buy two PS2 bzuz games just to have 8 buzzers

  10. Given the lack of any new-gen Guitar Hero/Rockband, I wonder if we’ll see new ones incorporating similar ideas. A first party Rockband-like merged with Singstar and support for alternative input-methods… That could be huge.

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