Podcast: Episode 143 – The Wind Rises, Sparkle 2 and DriveClub

Well my joy at having a full podcast crew didn’t last long. In fact I was the only member of the regular podcast crew who managed to make it onto this week’s podcast, with Teflon and Aran stepping in at the last minute to actually allow the podcast to go ahead.

Obviously we covered the week’s news at the top of the podcast, with newsman Aran giving us a little more flavour than we usually have. After the news we moved onto a discussion of Teflon’s time with DriveClub, before Aran gave us his thoughts on PSN title Sparkle 2. Finally I chipped in with a short review of Studio Ghibli film The Wind Rises.

Sadly, as we were running short on time and lacking Lewis, there was no quiz this week, but don’t worry, we did still cover your questions.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. In general a good podcast guys :) The only problem I can think of is Aran’s microphone :(

    Driveclub sounds and looks to be a fantastic game. I very liked Teflon’s speech about his visit at Evolution, but I’m a bit afraid about micro-transactions and social part of the game.

    Kris, how could not know who is the director of a Studio Ghilbi movie, isn’t that obvious? :P

    Thanks for answering my question. My “to play” backlog currently has about 40 titles on in and luckily I don’t have a big “pile of shame” as I only buy games when I want or have the time to play them ^^

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