Battlefield Hardline Information Appears To Have Escaped & Is On The Loose

There’s been rumours that the next Battlefield is going to ignore military action and instead go on patrol in a police themed direction. The rumour first appeared when Ghost Games was hit by layoffs and the remainder of the staff reassigned to help Visceral with this title, which in turn apparently delayed a new Need For Speed. Now a new Battlelog update seems to have given new information to the next entry to the franchise, including the name Battlefield Hardline.

The update also names some multiplayer match types including Bomb Squad, Carrier Assault, Heist and Blood Money. Then again Carrier Assault is a mode in Battlefield 4’s Naval Strike DLC so it may have just got mixed in with the other two. Bomb Squad is a trophy in Battlefield 4 too, though it could easily be the name of a mode. Four classes were also names with Enforcer, Mechanic, Operator & Professional appearing on this list. The multiplayer teams will be going by the names of SWAT & Thieves.


Lots of different images were released too, including what could be images from a trailer as well as all the weapons, accessories and vehicles to be found.

Of course this is all unverified information and EA are unlikely to tell us anything before E3. I’d expect it to get a lot of fanfare from the publisher though should Hardline be real.

Source: Koenv via Eurogamer



  1. A SWAT game would be lovely, not the official SWAT game franchise of course, but just a SWAT game generally. Then again anything new which does not contain the words call, duty, battlefield, need, or speed has got to something decent.

  2. So in effect a Payday type game where you get to be the cops too?

    Seems a strange direction for the game to go in (& not sure the Battlefield moniker would fit quite so well), but sounds interesting at least.

    • That’s what I first thought, it’s kinda like a cross between Payday and Counter Strike.

      Could be interesting, provided it isn’t just Battlefield under a new skin.

  3. I really hope this is real. it would be a nice change for BF. aww whatever, bring on SW:BF2 already

  4. Ea have now confirmed it

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