The Evil Within Pushed Back To Scare You In October

Everyone knows that the best time to release a scary game is in the back end of October, just like how your Christmas films will do best if they come out in December. So, while The Evil Within was originally set for a late August release, adding a couple of months delay makes a fair old bit of sense.

Shinji Mikami’s anticipated return to the survival horror genre – he did mastermind much of the Resident Evil series, after all – is now set to land on October 24th in Europe, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in a cross-generational release, with today’s delay coming alongside the lifting of an embargo on previews. In fact, you can head over and read our thoughts on the game and it blends classic survival horror with certain more modern gameplay elements.


Additionally, we’ve put together a gallery of screenshots from these previews, which actually managed to slip out ahead of schedule this morning, showing some of the twisted enemy designs, among other things:

Source: press release



  1. Am I looking at the wrong page for a ‘My Little Pony’ review?

    • I really doubt that Applejack and the gang are in this game.

  2. Christ, can any developer get a game finished on time these days?!

  3. Again, better to wait and get it right, especially with a new IP.

    • I think imho that excuse is wearing thin very quickly.

      • Believe me, I’ve been desperate for something to play! Luckily Watch Dogs arrived today, but looks like my next PS4 purchase wont be until October! But at fifty quid a pop, I don’t wanna end up buying broken/unfinished games out of sheer desperation.

      • Your dead on, I wouldn’t want to drop €60 on a game and finding out that its broken and i do understand developers pushing back games. It’s just very annoying to see pretty much every game for the PS4 been delayed. I always knew coming in to a launch console that the first year would be thin on games from experience with Sony’s previous PS, but this takes the biscuit.I feel this was Sony’s worst launch ever in regards to PS4 developed games.

        In the space of a week The Division has been pushed back to 20whenever, The Order 1886 delayed till next year and now The Evil Within, i know not much of a delay than the former but this is becoming too common across the board this generation. As some people have said I would rather if developers would give relase dates further than projected to take in consideration there could be setbacks to their timeline.

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